Sunday, All Day.

Sunday turned out to be the best day of the week, clear skies from horizon to horizon and totally windless. I still I only managed out to Pitscottie and back, well it had been a busy week. However we will not weary for something to do, the garden really needs a little of my time, for a start. But as ever I get distracted.

I have a pile of CD,

I did know that I had saved photographs and bits of scribbling over the years on these CDs, but what? – that was the question, and when I opened them, to my dismay I find they are simply rows and rows of number, ho-hum. Time to sort this lot out into some sort of order, this could take years.

Most were the usual holiday snaps, and not much interest to anyone but some good memories for me as I scanned through the CDs, and some surprises too.

Red faces all around.

The sort of picture that mums always insist on showing off to friends when you are grown up and usually to your latest boy or girl friend, Oh mum, no!

Mum never learned that boys hair goes to the other side.

Me, my big and wee sisters off to Sunday school.

Able Seaman Jimmy Hamilton – my dad.

Dunfermline High Street – Jimmy Hamilton, with two of his great-granddaughters. with Heather on the camera they are lucky to still have heads.

My baby sister, Heather’s family, she died of cancer at an early age.

In her prim, my big sister Irene – two above me. She died of lung cancer in her late 70s.

The Cardinal Sisters (as in Cardinal buoy, north, south, east, and west) from left to right. Violet, south, living in England, now in her late 90s, Rita, west, died of cancer of the spine, June, east, now in her 80s, Irene, see above.

A kaleidoscope of family pictures. Mum’s beauty putting the flowers in the shade, she is sitting next to my dad’s brother who was a pipe major in the Lochore and Glencairn Pipe Band.

Mum and Dad at their golden wedding anniversary – Old Oak Lochgelly

Pretending to be a big truck driver – my RAF days.

My first tricycle. made campervan,

and my last campervan, not near as much fun.

And not to be left out, Tim.

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