There’s a hole in the road and the councils looking into it.

Travelling over to Aldi first thing this morning I came across road works. The gas workers had cut a trench half a meter wide and a meter deep from one side of the road to the other in order to lay a new mains gas pipe. As I passed four men were leaning on theContinue reading “There’s a hole in the road and the councils looking into it.”

Is this the end of the road for Scottish independence?

I believe that over the past 8 years under Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland, the Scottish Independent debate has been confined to the doldrums. Despite, mandate after mandate Despite, Scotland, being dragged out of Europe against the will of the Scottish people Despite, all the powers that should haveContinue reading “Is this the end of the road for Scottish independence?”

How short, these long summer days

The morning laundry over, I wheeled my bike out through the common area where the planning department (female residents) were in noisy conversation – they, almost in unison, questioned my sanity about venturing out on a bicycle today. The little back road down passed the Golf Club Hotel was still closed to traffic, something toContinue reading “How short, these long summer days”