Cop 26, or the 26th Cop-Out?

A way back in 2014 in the run-up to the Scottish referendum on independence we heard that a new oilfield had been discovered off the west coast of the Shetland islands should bring a few voters in, those ones that would be worried about Scotland not being able to pay it’s way as an independent country. The mainstream media came on board with the UK government, this oil is no good it is tar oil – really hard to extract so not cost effected, forget any windfall for an independent Scottish government.

Now at that point this was very much exploring for oil no contract to take this any further had been granted by the UK government.

Fast forward to another day when Boris visited Scotland (making sure he stayed well away from any east coast fishing ports) and on the subject of climate change and how we could not afford to burn any more oil or gas – so would he now stop the extraction of oil from the new field of the Shetlands. Why even bother to ask, we know what the answer would be, the only question was how he would justify it,

“We can not just tear up contracts” he told us.

Let the world burn, just so long as the ‘Buck Stops Here’.

Governments get a seven yearly report, compiled from the best climate changed experts from around the world. At first, it was just warnings to change your habits or else global warming will become a reality. However each and every report sounded off more loudly about how we were in danger of losing the window of opportunity, still, governments sat on their hands.

We had the Climate Change conference in Paris, remember all the clapping and back-slapping on the stage in front of the international press,

“We have reached an agreement on reducing carbon emissions” hooray, they cried.

The president of The US pulled out of the agreement before the ink had dried on the paper. America would continue to extract coal and oil for their economy (and the president’s job) depended on it. America is the second biggest polluter on the planet, but we do not give a, F—k, for climate change was the message.

We heard the spokesman for the UK government, responsibly for the Cop 29 in Glasgow, although being held in Glasgow the Scottish government will be held at arms length, Westminster will telly the Scots what is best for them.

in a few weeks time, he was on the television answering the accusations that we are not doing enough to tackle climate change, and we heard

“We are going to………….” blab, blab, blab.

And from Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish First minister,

We are writing to the Westminster government to ask for a four national approach to climate change and Boris is going to agree to that, Aye Right.

Today we heard the truth,

“The world heard, but did not listen, the world saw but did not act”.

Then who really cares, the nightclubs are open once more in Scotland. Hooray.

Stay safe.

One thought on “Cop 26, or the 26th Cop-Out?

  1. Remember Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth film? Getting daily more inconvenient, more incontrovertibly true, and still they squirm, talk about something else, cling to their fossilfuelled comfort blankets and the income they won’t survive to spend.


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