The overnight rain has passed and left behind what looks to be the start of a fine and quiet day, (may have spoken too soon). I watched a documentary on Sky Art yesterday the life of Tina Turner; I have lived with Tina’s music since 1959 but did not know much about the girl withContinue reading ““HIP, HIP, HIP – REPLACEMENT””

‘even beaten the damn Tinkers’

The building trade in 1980 like the banks had been deregulated – no more did anyone work for a boss in a traditional sense, now we had SC60 where you worked in the industry and the contractor took away one-third of your wage (put it into safe keeping under taxation) and at the end ofContinue reading “‘even beaten the damn Tinkers’”

Whin and a girl coming into bloom

It was late onto the road this morning close to 10 am so it was nearly 12 noon before I returned after peddling into the extremely cold morning air, even my thermal cloves struggled, and my toes turned to ice, but it felt good to be outdoors. Turning off onto the Kemback road was aContinue reading “Whin and a girl coming into bloom”

This rhetoric had preceded every war that the UK has been involved

I heard our illustrious leader’s speech – well not all of it, for within the first ear-full I knew where it was going. Telling us what was wrong with our rotten lives and who is to blame for it, and there is only one scapegoat Russia’s President Putin. Raining down missiles on Ukraine whilst weContinue reading “This rhetoric had preceded every war that the UK has been involved”

How to make a teardrop trailer part 3

I have been rather busy but I was able to spend a little time on the trailer yesterday, and see how difficult it would be to bend the plywood around the curves. Imposable as it turns out – still, as John said “there are no problems in the world only solutions”. Try cutting groves acrossContinue reading “How to make a teardrop trailer part 3”

Coal fires and cold winter mornings

The mist clung to the land like a cold white shroud – lights were mandatory now. By Strathkinness a watery winter sun appeared lifting the veil and leaving me under a pale winter’s sky. I dropped down into Pitscottie and the Dura Den, once more into a veil of mist as it stubbornly hung inContinue reading “Coal fires and cold winter mornings”