Blooming Saturday.

It has been a busy time for me since my brother seconded me into his service. He is downsizing and wanted me to sell some things for him on eBay. What a hassle, over to Tayport to photograph them, listing them online, cart them back on the bus to St Andrews. Find packaging, parcel up, trot them down to the post office, writing cheques to pay him the money that had been transferred into my account from their sales. And yes answering the same daft questions over and over, even although I ticked the box for the answers to be posted on the website. What the hell, he’s my brother after all.

Today, the good news, I had an e-mail from eBay to tell me the last of the listings has been sold and the money is in my account. Thank goodness for that, the last listing just happened to be a bicycle and it had been stripped and packed into a proper bicycle box, carted home from the local bike shop. I have been tripping over this very large box going to and from my bedroom all week. So a big OAP cheer, for the box is now in the hands of the PO and I’m told will be delivered on Tuesday to the proud new owner. Hip, Hip – replacement.

The second piece of good news was that the folding bicycle that I purchased is on its way to me – I even have a tracking number.

This has been another long story. Way back in March 2021 I decided to purchase a folding bike. I wanted to travel on buses other than the intercity buses, which are the only ones that will take a full-sized, grown-up bicycle. I also have been making plans for a European trip in the spring of 2022, (coronavirus or not, I’m going). I wanted the lightest I could find so lightweight aluminum (aerospace) or carbon fiber. After a lot of searching and checking, I found what I was looking for and placed my order on the 24th March 2021.

After about four weeks of hearing nothing from the company I sent them an e-mail asking about a delivery date. Now the last person I would have expected to be holding up my purchase would be, good old Boris Johnston, yes, the Prime Minister, the very man. The company, based in England, sourced much of their equipment from Europe, Brexit had severely disrupted their supplies of parts so they had production problems that meant a backlog of orders, was building up. Clearly they could not continue as they had been doing so decided to re-locate its production to Portugal, more disruption and delay. (At this stage they offered me a choice, staying with them, or asking for a refund) I was in no great hurry, since almost all the National Trust for Scotland attractions are still closed because of coronavirus, (or very restricted) and the bikes main task would be my European trip anyway, where weight would be a big problem, I decided to stick with it.

I have just received an e-mail from them to say the courier had uplifted my order, and it would be with me next week. The sting in the tail, now that it is a foreign import, I may have to pay customs duty on it. Don’t you just love Boris Johnston and his band of Brexiteers?

Returning from the post office, I noticed the old lady that has the cat sanctuary setting up her stall in Church Square, worth a look. The books I purchased were

Women of the War Years 1939 – 1945. Janice Anderson. My aunt was a machinist during those war years – but that’s another story.

Mary Queen of Scots, Antonia Fraser.

The Warrior Queens, Antonia Fraser.

And two that I have read before many, many years ago, but I’m sure worthy of a second read.

A Sparrow Falls.

The Sound of Thunder.

in fact, they were my introduction to Wilbur Smith, for me, when I read When the Lion Feeds, quickly followed up by the two just mentioned.

Oh and I could not resist a pair of bookends for a child’s (or man in his second childhoods) room.

The day here in St Andrews is dull and overcast but pleasant enough out, and just out are these sweet peas.

Stay safe

2 thoughts on “Blooming Saturday.

  1. I’m sure she does, I have not seen her for a while because of coronavirus, she normally has her stall in Church Square about once a month so will be known in the community, I will ask around for you, someone will know.


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