Sanitised to Death

Today they give us figures of people who have died after testing positive for coronavirus and their death can be contributed to coronavirus. The figures have become meaningless, we have become Sanitised to death from coronavirus – now just statistics. It is hitting home that coronavirus is not going away anytime soon. Vaccination has helped us cope with the virus, now a bit like winter colds, something we will have to learn to live with, but it has been a hard lesson when we count the cost.

I am still doing my daily routine, a few miles on my bike, I am at the stage, if I don’t go out, I regret not having done so, I miss the exercise, both mental and physical.

My bike is like a time machine, for cycling, Is Zen-like, the steady cadence makes it so. At times I will sing away to myself, while away the miles. However reading John McCarthy’s book

I found out, that I am not the only one that speaks with the dead, something I have been doing for many years now.

“She died (his mother) well over ten years ago yet I’m still stuck with a need to be in touch with her. That’s the way it works, of course; Loved ones may be gone but we keep talking to them.”

I know I do, on those ‘Lang Scots Miles’ or those long, long, straight roads in France, that never seem to have an end.

I will ask those questions I should have asked when they were alive, laugh along with memories of a conversation we had in those happy, happy times, but ‘Sorry, is the hardest word’ I will often ask forgiveness for a thoughtless word. Instantly realising the hurt that came with my words, yet unable to say sorry. And even if I had, the words were out there and they had cut deep. Saying it now, is a healing balm, and educational, for you learn to bite your tong, and be much more thoughtful of the feelings of others.

I have been thinking about sanitised statistics, for coronavirus. How much more so, civilians killed by wars.

Civilians casualties during the,

First World War (1914 to 1918) – 10% of the total killed were civilians.

Second World War – 50% of the total killed were civilians.

Vietnam War – 70% of the total killed were civilians.

Iraq War – 90% of the total killed were civilians.

The War You Don’t See, is the latest film by John Pilger, John is a native Australian and where he started his career as a journalist, before moving to London. He has won all the top awards in journalism and television, both in the UK and the US. He was a foreign correspondent and front-line war reporter during the Vietnam war. He has always been discriminating and a critic of Western economic and military power, some of his eyewitness reporting has been described as a presence on British television, he goes where others dare not go.

Many will know John from his award-winning documentary ‘The War on Democracy’, this the new film, The War You Don’t See, is powerful and timely investigation into the media’s role in the war. It traces the history of “embedded” and independent reporting from the carnage of the First World War (1914 – 1918), to the destruction of Hiroshima, and from the invasion of Vietnam to the current war in Afghanistan.

Each and every one was preceded with lies to get the public on side, ‘promoting war’ like how the Pentagon spends $1 billion per day on advertising and recruiting for war. And how what we saw on our televisions beamed straight form Baghdad was all taken from the balcony of a hotel, the real fighting and opposition to the American lead invasion was taking place elsewhere, out of sight of the cameras.

All but Al Jazeera, who was right in the thick of it, were turning a mirror on the west, so the offices of Al Jazeera had to be bombed. We hear from an eyewitness, a correspondent for the BBC, the only man that was there at the time, how a warning had been given, to get out of the building, then it was targeted. It was reported as being hit on the news, but not targeted, collateral damage.

Yes, Blair were ultimately responsible for taking this country to war. (against the wishes of the people of the UK at the time) But there was an awful lot of MPs in the Commons that were just as ready to march to the drums of war, and they knew full well that it was on a false pretence, there was no Weapons of Mass Destruction and they knew it fine.

In interviews with correspondents, who had been covering the war at the time, and asked why Knowing what they knew were still towed the BBC, ITV and media line? many said they are embarrassed that they did, but we could hardly call Blair (the Prime Minister at the time) a lyre and keep our job.

When Obama hit the presidential campaign trail, he told the American public he was against war and would close Guantanamo and bring back the troop from Afghanistan, yet he signed off on $700 Billion for the war. Obama was like all the others, a warmonger, for war makes money and that is now out of hand, uncontrolled, in America. As one Congressman put it “wars will last as far as the eye can see”.

The only threat these warmongers face is the general public – therefore they must be eliminated.

Remember when Cameron was PM he brought forward the rule that no PM could take the country to war, without the full approval of the Parliament. When he tried to take the country to war he lost the vote in the Commons, what an embarrassment, that rule was soon scrapped.

Someone once said “Believe nothing until it is denied” never truer words were spoken, The public service broadcaster is not there to inform the public but put forward the government’s wishes in a way that the public will be convinced that it is in their best interest.

Twenty four seven news coverage makes it easy to pump out their propaganda, for the lie can be repeated over and over again every half hour until everyone is convinced that it is the truth, there will be no one questioning it.

Boris “I will die in a ditch first” – “I will lie in front of the bulldozer” – “Boris Island” – the bridge from Scotland to Ireland, “the sea of opportunity.” All total crap, but remember the media coverage they received. We have no proper media coverage, (and the only one that came close is ‘Channel 4’ with great news coverage and programmes like ‘Unreported World’ sorry that has to go, the last thing we want out there is the truth. And don’t ever mention RT (all lies, well it has to be it’s Russian state-controlled, another lie) or Al Jazeera, ‘The truth is what we say it is.

You can find John Pilger’s work, online, at network.  

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