With everything more or less planted out in the garden, all that is left for us to do is sit back and wait for the flowers and bulbs to come into full bloom, well apart from weeding, watering and tending the beds that is. The front of the building with its newly refurbished seats has been well used over this last week of good weather.

The patio too has been pressed into service although looking a little bare at present but very much tidier, so a quiet day ahead.

Out for a wee bike ride in the morning, home via Aldi and then settled in for the day with a Lee Child book ‘Blue Moon’ Jack Reacher takes on two rival criminal gangs, one Albanian the other Ukrainian, and of course comes out on top. Escapism at its best, I found myself giggling away at some the quick-fire lines, yes, I know.

At around seven in the evening I put down my book and switched on the television, on came a recorded broadcast from 1992, Bob Dylan: 30th Anniversary concert from Madison Square Garden, some of the worlds top musicians on stage,

Hey Mr. tambourine man play a song for me……… and what about Blowing in the Wind, you could call this the definitive anti-war anthem, just what I needed, ‘it’s only rock and roll but I like it’s brilliant.


a rather dreich sort of day, with a sea fog hanging over St Andrews but unlike the fog we must not hang around. I will be out and about with my tricycle stall, later in the day, hopefully drumming up votes for Alba, but first the laundry.

I have been very critical of the Climate Change Forum that will take place in Glasgow later in the year, and nothing so far has changed my mind that it will be anything other than a PR stunt, for Union Jack waving Boris Johnston.

A professor at Harvard University looking at the subject, then asked the question,

“How many scientific paper has been published that categoricity links climate change and the burning of fossil fuel?”

She found none, so after a lot of research, she wrote a paper that did. As soon as the paper was published the hate mail flooded in, being a communist and anti-American were the ones that could be published here. Again it all comes down to money.

The CATO Institute in America is more or less funded by large oil companies such as Exxon-mobile, a spokesman for this ‘think tank’ when asked if this compromised their thinking on climate change said “No we need funds as do Universities, who likewise are also funded by the like of Exxon-mobile, (criticise us and you criticise institutions such as Harvard University). CATO is saying that Climate Change has nothing to do with the burning of fossil fuel, Climate Change was initiated in Sweden to raise tax revenue.

Some years back we had tobacco companies, funding research into health issues, when the link between tobacco and cancer became undisputable universes stopped taking sponsorship from tobacco companies for health issue research. No such safeguards are in place for research money from oil companies and climate change research. Hardly surprising since the American Petroleum Institute, payout billions to the likes of Harvard University, for research work. Nothing wrong with receiving sponsorship from large petroleum companies that make a billion dollars every three days, and what they donate can be written off in tax. But when an organisation such as CATO are simply lobbing companies for large oil investment companies, who pay fast-talking mouthpieces to come on state television and spout fake news about climate change, then it is time the American people knew the truth. For there is something wrong with our media that allows such people to come on television and spout such rubbish (presidents too, like Donald Trump, when in office), without any research into the truth behind the words.

There is a book out called “Merchants of Doubt” that looks deeper into the subject of oil money being used to cover up any link between climate change and fossil fuel, I must order a copy.

Have to go and rescue my washing from the machine.

Stay safe.  

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