History has its eyes,


The weather is shaping up to be another belter of a day, can’t wait to get out on my bike

Forget the news, its a disaster, no not coronavirus deaths, no not famine and wars, no not even climate change, or the condition of a certain Russian prisoner on hunger strike. No something much worse, seven of the top football teams in the UK are off to join a super-league in, wait for it, Europe, oh no, help ma boab, murder polic’.

But not to worry Boris is on the case and he vows to stop these upstarts in their tracts, even if it means legislation to stop them. Now I don’t no about you but I thought football clubs were businesses run by powerful men and nothing to do with governments, companies will always do what is best for their shareholders and not what is best for the government, and if Europe is a bigger richer pond to swim in than The UK, then that is where they will go. Companies leaving the UK in their droves for Europe since Brexit sort of confirms that.

Just a thought – if Boris is so upset about seven football clubs leaving the UK that he is willing to change the law in order to stop them, how far will Does he go to stop Scotland from leaving the UK? Exactly, (now where did great-grandpa put that old rifle of his?)

History has its eyes.

This is just a snippet from a blog by Dr Malcolm Kerr, “History has its eyes” dated April 18th 2021.

“Behaving as if we are intending to become independent. Independence needs to attract the acceptance, or at least the acquiescence, of our current opponents. It needs a sound base of ethics and integrity.

We have to go back nearly 100 years, to the 1922 General Election, to find a time that was as momentous, and replete with possibilities for the Scottish people, like 2021. In 1922 the Independent Labour Party, swept Glasgow with a landslide victory, taking 10 out of 11 constituencies from the Liberals. Led by John Wheatley, the group headed for Westminster with Home Rule high on their agenda.

But not before offering a contract to their celebrating constituents. At a victory rally in St Andrews Halls, 8000 gathered to hear them make a pledge to the people of Scotland with a historic and stirring declaration. It concluded:

“In all things we will abjure vanity and self-aggrandisement, recognising that we are the humble servants of the people and that our only righteous purpose is to promote the welfare of our fellow citizens and the well-being of all mankind.”

What, then, are SNP MPs doing in London bars, getting publicly drunk, and sexually harassing their staffers? As servants of the people, how humble are our “futile 46”?

We either need a new leadership ethic, or new leadership. One which respects diversity, understands the need for cooperation and delegation, one which is prepared to harness and enable volunteers (maybe our greatest asset). Leadership with strength in depth, which doesn’t see a threat in competition from potential future leaders, genuine or imagined.”

Some of us have been saying this for years and all we got for our trouble was abuse, from the Nicola Sturgeon fan club, and SNP MP with their slogan “eyes on the prize”, when their slogan should have been “eyes on the pension”.

Many who wished independence after 2014 signed up with the SNP, and year after year waited for the starting gun to be fired and the independent campaign to start, under Nicola Sturgeon, it never has and never will. All she has done since coming to power is put down roots, cosy up to big business and dangle the independent carrot in front of the gullible voter’s noses. What choice did they have, the SNP was the only pro-independent party at Holyrood. As more and more members became discussed with way SNP leader’s were taking the party (ever more to the right, New Labour personified) and a starting gun nowhere to be seen, let alone heard, rumours abounded that Alex Salmond was begin asked to return to front line duty, and form a new party.

Shock waves went through the high heid yins in the SNP and Salmond had to be stopped. They chose to blacken his name and discredit any credibility he may have as a politician. They failed spectacularly. Sadly for the independence movement, the courts work at their own pace and by the time Alex had cleared his name, the Holyrood elections were upon us. Sturgeon was home and dry, or maybe not.

Most knew what was happening within the SNP, they also knew that what the high heid yins in the SNP needed was a term out of office, relegated for a term on the “naughty stool” but that would have left the Unionist in charge for the next five years, no self-respecting supporter of self determination wanted that and was prepared to hold their nose and vote SNP. Nicola had survived, or had she?

Sadly for the SNP, the Alba party rained all over their parade. The lunched of the Alba Party, not to contest the constituency vote, (there was little chance of uprooting the SNP they were well-grounded at Holyrood and Westminster). However, Alba would contest every list seat in the country (8X4 = 32 potential seats, although a big ask), still, the list was an open door, no need to even push on it.

The list vote was part of the electoral system already at Holyrood set up at the concept of devolution by the Labour party, in power at Westminster at the time, (Tony Blair, Labour PM, likened the devolved parliament at Holyrood to being much like a parish council in England) this would be their guarantee that no independent party could ever gain a majority at Holyrood, and put them in a position to challenge the status quo, of the Union.

The list vote has now turned out to be a ‘double-edge sword’, you could have a pro independence party challenging for the constituency vote (in this case the SNP) and a different pro-independence party challenging the list vote, (it would work even better if the party contesting the constituency vote did not stand on the list).

Set up incandescent for just this purpose the Alba party beavered away throughout 2020, hoping to scoop up all those disillusioned with the lack of progress from the SNP on independence, (although not all were SNP voters, this was a broad church, Yes, was a grass-root moment) Those that set up the organisation, already knew that there were potentially the numbers to pull it off, however, they needed a big hitter, to lead the new party, someone with a track record as a winner, “cometh the hour cometh the man” Alex Salmond.

Now our Nicola is livid – Hell has no fury like a woman’s scorn. It is too late however, it is all above board. So far despite, the fact that time is short to get the message out, and coronavirus has meant no door to door canvassing is possible, and there will be no help from the mainstream media, that’s a given, which only leaves the internet. Oh there is a lot of hatred and bloodletting going on mostly from supporters of the established parties, they see the danger to their hold on power, but ‘there is no bad publicity the more they shout the more people hear.

It could go two ways, the polls point to moderate success, possibly 5 seats. But I have been on AUOB marches and I can tell you there are a lot of us out there. Who knows what will happen, on the 6th May 2021? I think it could be one of those time, that years from now, you will remember where you were on the 6th May 2021. Just a thought, don’t bother to sit up all night waiting for the results to come in, they won’t – it will be Saturday possibly Sunday before the dust has settled.

Counts, recounts, possibly even legal challenges, it certainly will not be dull, that’s for sure, the branch office Unionists parties in Scotland will not take defeat lying down.

Stay safe.

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