More bird feeders.

 Well, would by credit it? Boris has taken back control from the European Court of Human Rights and handed it over to people like Obama and Trump in America. Who have stopped the Magistrates Court from allowing bail to Julian Assange. So it is off to the High Court now and hopefully, it will end there and not go on to the Supreme Court, which could take years for a hearing, more so if they are nobbled – Assange has been tortured enough, time for the American media to tell the truth to the American people. Their government has lied (aided and abetted by a tame propaganda machine, the American media) they wish to suppress the truth over the wars in the Middle East. They know that if Assange is allowed to go free, he will write his account of American’s foreign policy, and British governments involvement in war crimes. As my dad would have said, “When the poe bursts, there will be a big stink”.

Spent an hour in the workshop on a ground feeder that was (hopefully) gull prof in the hope of attracting more small birds into the garden. If the robin visits on a regular base I will know that this is his territory and make a robin nest box and hid it at the far end of the garden for that is seldom visited.

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Sitting here at my laptop, I caught a disturbance in the Holly tree, and from it a Thrush dropped to the ground and started feeding off the fallen berries from the tree. He did not come close to the feeder possibly because it is new and it may take a while for birds to feel safe around it.

So that’s a robin and a thrush nest box now, time to hitch the trailer onto the bike and go search out those skips.

I did not go far on the bike today, and kept to the main roads which were very quiet. The air was cold so I kept my face mask on for no other reason than not to be gulping down litres of cold air, as Maria said “This night (morning) air is not good for the children’s voices”. Maybe I will stick the Sound of Music this afternoon and join in the singing, Doe a deer, a female deer, – Ray a drop of golden sun, I really have been alone too long, although we did have the cleaners in this morning to blether too.

When coming back from Aldi today, I only went up for a plastic box to keep the bird seed in, and of course came away with a laden pannier bag, with a couple of boxes strapped on top of the battery. As I made to get on the bike two girls jogged (well they were running really) past me, they must have been at least 6 ft tall, I don’t know what these modern girls are fed on, but they sure are big.

Out to the bin, to dump some trash, first thing this morning I met my upstairs neighbour (still relativity young and new to the complex) coming in the gate.

“I was going out on my long daily walk” she told me “I had to return there is black ice everywhere”. No cycling today Hamilton.

Yesterday I found a large feeder, must be a yard long,

so I brought it home, stripped it, cleaned it and replenished it with bird feed, and hang it in the holly tree. At the same time I moved the ground feeder against the boundary wall and in front of my window. This morning when I draw the blind a small blackbird, I took to be a female, was feeding at the ground feeder. She was weary and unsure stopping and looking around running for the cover of the heather bush, that was close by as soon as she felt there was a present danger.

When the larger blackbird appeared and hopped toward her she was off, he in hot persecute, but was soon back empty-handed. Last year I watch a male blackbird (possibly the same one) doing his rounds of the borders and then a female, the male gathered some grubs and fed them to the female, beak to beak, as if they were kissing. I will look out for him pairing up again this year.  

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