Living is easy with eyes closed.

Was it the case that I simply did not see what was before my eyes or is it the fact that I put out my feeders in the front garden, that so many birds are now seen there?

The cute little robin is still with us, sparrows, pigeons of course, and the blackbirds I saw this morning. However was the smaller, really a young blackbird, for there is a type of thrush that is pure black in colour. The larger of the two certainly was a blackbird and I know the female blackbird looks more like a thrush than her male counterpart. The fact is I don’ know a hell of a lot about garden birds. I do however recognise the Redwing, and there are a pair of them now coming into the garden. Redwings I know are winter visitors to Britain, and a member of the thrush family, but I’m not sure if they bread here.

So much to learn, but learning can be fun, and so much more interesting than daytime television.

Had an e-mail from WordPress tells me it is coming up to my first anniversary with them, can you believe it a year, hard to comprehend, it seems like only yesterday that I was making plans to go off to Europe. The best-laid plans of mice and men…………..

I went into the kitchen around 9 pm to make myself a cup of tea and when I looked out of the window was surprised to see a carpet of snow, this morning it has had a bit of a fright and the skies are fairly clear so I must get out on my bike, even if it is only for an hour or so.

As I write two buses have passed the window, both devoid of passengers, this has been the situation for months now, I can understand the government trying to give the illusion that all is well and normal, but it’s not, is it? Yes, I know some people are dependent on the bus to get to and from work but do we need to run a full bus service for that?

I watched a documentary, the lad involved was an expert on business and he went to a glass factory in one of the Baltic states, to advise on how it might stem its losses. The factory had two sections, one made beautiful craft glass, the other bottles on two assembly lines, at a time when glass bottles were being replaced by plastic. It did not take him long to spot the problem and why the company was in such dire straights. He went before the management and said your continue to make glass bottles, box then put them into store, and in damp conditions. When the package start falling apart, you put the contaminated and broken bottles back in the Furness, wasting energy, materials, and manpower to make bottles that have no market. His advice, close down at least one of the bottle lines now, this minute, and build up your craft glass side of the business. They told him they could not do that, they had a policy of no redundancies. He replied, then send the men home on full pay, because if you do not this factory can not be sustained and everyone will be made redundant.

Living is easy with eyes closed. Strawberry Fields Forever, The Beatles.

Stay safe.

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