Skip Diver

 I had taken my tricycle on today’s shopping trip to Aldi so I went via the viaduct cycle path, this would save my legs on the hilly bit. Looking down off the embankment I spotted a skip in the industrial estate with what looked like large pieces of timber, hold me back. Shopping done I headed for the little industrial estate and round the back of the St Andrews brewing company, I found the skip with the wood I had seen earlier. It was in fact smashed up tables, the tops still intact but rather warped from being out in the elements for a long period of time.

As I nosed in the skip the back door opened and a big lad stepped out, I already knew what his name would be – Sir, and in an Irish brogue, asked,

“Can I be of assistance?”

I told him that I was interested in the wood in the skip, sure you can have it if it of any use to you, he even offered to take it out and stack it to one side for me, but I said I could manage but thanks anyway. You meet the nicest people in St Andrews.

When I returned with the van I was surprised at just how many table tops there were, must be at least a dozen. They will take a bit of work to dismantle and cut up, but that all adds to the fun. What to make with them? I had been looking for some timber for garden Christmas decorations, these table tops would be ideal for Christmas trees, (have already cut some templates just to see how it would work out, seen under the table ornament.) or even a nativity scene, but first I must finish my table decoration, Christopher Robin, (saying his prayers). It is cut from coloured Perspex, the base is part of an old drawer front, the stars are candle holders.

Yes, I know it doesn’t look much at the moment, but then again, only fools and children see jobs half-finished, once the protective cover has been removed and the base painted it will look fine.

The nuns of Brussels were renowned for their delicate lacework, for each one they finished they introduce a flaw, for only God is perfect. That is my excuse too.        

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