O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree.

 Woke up this morning with Christmas trees on my mind. The weather seemed to be holding so it was outside with my bench, two salvaged table tops and a rip-snorter saw I was now able to start cutting the tops into 2-inch strips then, the chop saw to cut the ends at 45% halfway through, sod’s law, the rain came on, fine constant drizzle, the worst kind. Still, I got the job done, but no Santa’s little helpers to clean up after me, so I tided up the lawn and dumped all the cuttings.

Back indoors, I managed to paint the centrepiece, it now looks like this,

“Hush, hush, whisper who dares, Christopher Robin is saying his prayers”. More stoor collectors around the house.

The Christmas tree, I decided to put it on a hinged leg so that it can be folded flat for storage after Christmas. The designed allows for them to be made any height, however, much higher and I think I will have to taper it more like a real tree. I though around three feet high would be fine for indoors. When the first one is finished I will take it down to the St Andrews brewery, and offer it to them as a thank you for the timber.

Well it is finished and here is the result.

Sadly mileage this week has been dismal, just over 50 miles total, bad weather, my excuse, as for the weekend, it is forecast to be storms, wind speeds of 45 mph try pedalling against that, and not to be outdone heavy rain. They tell us that the weather is due to improve on Monday with high pressure in command, we travel hopefully.

City Park is very quiet, everyone keeping their head below the parapet, you would not blame them when you see how quickly coronavirus is spreading in the country. Clearly tinkering at the edges is not the way forward, they should have followed the WHO instructions from the start Test, Trace, Isolate. England is still struggling with the concept, the main reason seems to be they have contracted the testing and tracing out to a private company, that have no experience in this field, might have been better putting the money into the NHS, then what do I know? The devolved governments are starting to understand the folly of depending on the Lighthouse testing facilities and are now developing their own systems, sadly too late for too many. I never leave my flat without my mask on (even within the building) and use the hand gel machine every time I pass it, I need coronavirus like I need a hole in my head.  

“The sun is out, the skies are blue, there’s not a cloud to spoil the view” but unlike the lyrics, ‘raining in my heart’ it’s time to dust off the bike. Keep well and safe.

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