Electrician – Plumer and Story Telling

 Another drizzly day here in St Andrews, and the cold blustery wind is not helping things, still, Aldi calls. I bought some corn beef, so stovies for dinner.

I had the electrician in this morning to fix the shower, pump would not start up so have had a paddling pool for a shower tray for almost two weeks now. He did not stay long – only long enough to tell me I needed a plumber, the drain is blocked tripping the pump, ho-hum, if it’s no’ flees its midge.

The plumber has just left, seems there was some metal object in the pipe, not sure what it was but nothing I recognise, still he did leave me all the mess to clean up – oh well, stop me from wearing.

So no news really – things much as usual – never mind I’m sure Charles will be along soon, he must smell the dinner by now, he is such a scrounger. Sad really, by this time next year he will be in a home, I have seen a difference in him over the year he has been here, downhill all the way. I am really blessed to have such good genes.  

I did finish my presentation, this time audio/visual, I said I would put together a sort of slide show of all my holiday snaps and as they come up say something, allowing the images to trigger anecdotes – my head full of little stories about that trip.

I was amazed at just how long it had taken me to download them onto PowerPoint and write little captions for each – before transferring them to a memory stick. Up until the wee small hours, not that I missed anything on television. I had over 150 – too many but at least they are all there now and can be broken up into sections.

As I worked on each one I remembered small details – like in Salzburg – it was the first week in April, and I took myself off on a walk along the river. Overnight snow was deep upon the park benches, and children were out with their parents, they were making snowballs to throw at them. Further along, I came upon a girl possibly late 20s or early 30s she was doodling in the snow on top of one park bench – she was unaware of me being there and as I came up on her I said

“Play bonnie hen”

I’m sure she had no idea what I had just said – but gave me a beautiful broad smile – even if there was a little nervous embarrassment in it. Strange it is these simple little coming together with strangers that I remember more than the beautiful scenery, lakes and mountains, and that is what makes me come back again and again for………. “May I have more Sir?”    

Instantly this triggered another anecdote that happened on the same day. I was coming over one of the numerous footbridges when a lady asked me to take a group photograph. I held up her smartphone, click, and click – but when I handed it back she showed me the picture I had just taken – four of my splayed fingers.

Group photograph on the bridge – take two.  

The first week of that trip the weather was not of its best – but I always remember in the movie Shirley Valentine, Shirley had been asked to look after a neighbour’s dog for a couple of days and feeling sorry for the dog she gave it the steak that had been for her husband’s tea, replacing his steak with egg and chips. When he complained she told him

“You liked egg and chips”

To which he replied “On a Tuesday – I like egg and chips on a Tuesday – this is Thursday”

“Pretend it’s Tuesday,” she told him.

So when the weather was not at its best that first week I simply told myself – I’m on a winter break – just as good.

Dear oh dear, I’m Havering again, maybe next I too will be talking to the wall.

Stay safe.   


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