Train, Churches and a palace

Today was a bit special – with the weather holding steady, although a bit breezy, I decided to go for a wee run on my motorcycle, and if you don’t know where you are going then, of course, all roads lead there. I headed west Cupar, Kinross, where I stopped to top up the tank, no fuel gauge means you top up a lot. I was now on the A997 that takes you through Crook of Devon, Powmill and Forestmill. So I stayed on this road, all the way into Kincardine, before crossing the bridge and on into Bo’ness, home of my ancestors.

The Bo’ness railway museum is a first for me and it was well worth a visit, problem, I did not spend the whole day there.

This was a large shunting yard that would have at one time handled coal from the Kinneil Pit, iron goods from the foundry and cargoes from ships that came in and out of Bo’ness harbour, so much to see.

Thankfully they allow small boys like me to clamber into and onto some of the exhibits, such as the mail train carriage and one of Glasgow’s early underground trains.

The workshop from above
Old Glasgow underground train

Next, I stopped off at Linlithgow Palace; this was the birthplace of James V and Mary Queen of Scots.

A ruin now,

Entrance to the Palace

The grounds on which it sits are stunning and a great place to spend time with a picnic lunch.

Keep an eye open for fore coming events in the park, (I did notice that there will be an up-and-coming Folk Music Festival in Linlithgow).

St Michael’s church (on the grounds) is well worth a visit – looking good after 500 years.

Mary Queen of Scots

Before taking off for home I stopped in at one of the many cafes for a pot of tea and a scone.

I had topped up the tank before I left and again when I arrived back at the same filling station £8.00 spent, good value for money – I would say.       

Stay safe

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