A Post Card from Kelly Castle

I did wake at around 7 O’clock, but bleary-eyed, I turned over and went back to sleep, it was 9.20 when I next woke. Either the hot weather was to blame or I may have taken more out of my body yesterday than I thought I had. We (near 80-year-old) young lads, just do not bounce back like we once did, which of course was the reason for buying an e-bike, prolong the inevitable.

I know now the wee bike goes well on, relatively speaking, flat and good quality roads but what about hilly ‘B’ class roads where it will be spending much of its life.

Time to take to the hills, and being Friday Kelly Castle would be open to visitors, certainly worthy of another visit, even if fully booked and I can not enter the house, the gardens are always worth a visit. I did try to press my Edge Explore into service, plotting a route, superfluous really since I know the Fife roads like the back of my hand, however, I do need to learn to programme it if it is to be of any use to me when I take off for Europe next spring. Nope, despite my best endeavours, I was getting nowhere, clearly, I will have to go onto the internet and watch a few U-Tube videos to understand the process. However I will attach it to the bike and it may give some idea of distance, altitude climbed, and average time over the ground, all will help when plotting new adventures.

The day was again overcast but warm, to the point of being muggy. Taking the back roads out of St Andrews I climbed all the way up to Drumcarrow Craig then on to Peat Inn. A slight climb up onto Bowhill, and the entrance to Hawkswood Country Estate,

What do you do with your Micra when it fails its MOT?

You are now at the summit of the ridge, it is all downhill from here. Largoward, Arncroach then a hop, skip and jump to Kelly Castle.

Entrance booking only and you can not book online, so I skipped that.

Watch where you park your bike, Housemartins in residence, and can make a fine mess on your saddle.

I just went for a walk around the gardens supping at my coffee from the chuck wagon.

My return journey would be via the B9131into St Andrews.

Between yesterday (over to Dundee and back 30 miles) and today Kelly Castle (20.3 miles and 794.9 ft of climbing). And although I thought I have saved the return journey from Kelly Castle, I could not find it on the computer, but somewhere around 13 miles, and a fair bit of climbing. This all added up to a lot of gear changes and bedding in of new cables, so by my return today the gears were making all sorts of horrible noises and if I was not very, very careful when changing up into the higher gears, the chain was pulled off the front ring gear, drat and double drat. I dropped the bike off at Spokes bike shop, in South Street to have it tuned, should have it back on Monday.

Apart from teething troubles, it is all I wanted and more. It has five settings of assistance but I have never used more than the first 2 settings, I find them adequate in this terrane, for the granny gears are altar low. How can I best put it, it is a bit like having young legs once more.

Today I was mossing along at about 30k per hour when a young lad overtook me on a mountain bike, pedalling hard to overtake me. I could not resist, at the next clime as I saw he was flagging, I pressed the button, up from number 1 to number 2 and shot up past him not unlike Lance Armstrong, after a blood transfusion. That’s you telt.

Keep safe.

2 thoughts on “A Post Card from Kelly Castle

  1. I love the thought of you passing the young lad and the consternation that must have been on his face when he couldn’t stay ahead of you or catch you again 😆


  2. Yes, the wee bike certainly does not look like an e-bike especially going away from you at a fast rate of knots, It seemed like a big expensive risk buying such a bike but I’m really pleased I made the investment, it will keep me cycling for years (if the undertaker lets me) to come. The big problem now is that import tax will have to be paid on such bikes now and we are talking £350.00 so sales to the UK will be low, then again they sell more bikes in Holand in a day than the UK in a year so it was a good move for the company to up sticks and move to Portugal. (then again they could have them posted to a lad I know in Ireland that could smuggle them to a post office in NI to be posted on, Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean?) take care, Walter.


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