It’s Just the Gypsy in me.

I have built a couple of campervans and done a lot of work on wooden boats, but when I saw this van I was really impressed at the standard of craftsmanship, Though you might like it too.

Sorry I do not know how to upload the film sowing the interior, the workmanship is impressive.

 The morning was cool, I was out on the road early for I had an appointment at the optician at 9 am due to my reading

glasses’ loss, and I’m really lost without them now. I did buy a pair of magnifying glasses to tide me over but they are a poor substitute. The good news, it only took three girls and about an hour of my time for the test. The bad news, I collect my new glasses on the 1st August, ho-hum.

Yesterday, in St Andrews, it was hot, hot, hot. So hot in fact that opened the house up to the outdoors, and let the fresh air blow all the way thought. Sadly opening up the kitchen window to the wall not only let the cooling fresh air in,

I presented an open invitation for Mrs Gull to help herself to whatever took her fancy. The only thing edible was my loaf of bread,

I would not have minded, and gladly given her the odd slice of bread, if only my dinner guests, had more table manners.

When the heat goes out of the day, I will have to get the garden hose out once more. Almost a daily routine now, the plants in pots and tubs dry out at an alarming rate in this hot dry weather.

On the subject of weather, what a disastrous effect the weather is having on our planet, in America the fire season has started early, wildfires breaking out down the west coast, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. Same in Australia, if it is not brushfires its flash flooding. Now here in Europe, sadly with great loss of life. Modern European communities that over the centuries have used the best technology in the world to tame the rivers and sea, now find these flood defences are no match for natures fury. When you see the sea defences and dikes of Holland you wonder how they could ever have been breached.

In the East of England, (Norfolk) gave up on sea defences and simply allowed the tide to wash over the land. It is not as if we have not been warned often enough over the past 50 years, of my life, we have seen and been told by the experts what was likely to happen if we continued to ignore the warning signs. But governments are only in power for around a five years stretch, so simply kick the can down the road. And now that Maggie Thatcher has transformed our country from utility owners to private enterprise, they have the perfect scapegoat,

“Not our problem anymore”

Thankfully the EU is not a five-year term government, no matter the cost to the EU coffers it will be sorted this time around. If you thought the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow 2021 was going to be a dull affair, like all the others, talks about talks, they know it is too late for that now.

America is at a crossroads too. I see Biden is going ahead with allowing more drilling, are they really serious about global warming? A wise president would be talking about the opportunity for America to get back into the industrial game, manufacturing wind turbines, wave and tidal turbines, and all the infrastructure that will be required for a modern zero-carbon world. Yet, I read the other day that there has been a 25% increase in containers being landed in LA from China. Sorry America, no point shouting down China, and placing sanctions on that country when it is America that is simply taking the easy way out. Outsourcing.

“Don’t ask what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Importers such as Wall-Mart is making big bucks selling you cheap Chinese-made goods, and you are greedily buying up their flat-pack furnisher and cheap plastic toys that will be added to your landfill in six months and at what cost. Think about what that is doing to the home industry in America. And as the one-way traffic increases, where will the jobs be for young working-class America. (Well, you could try selling more arms around the world but even that trade is drying up.)

Before the world gets burned up – or washed away, I think I will take a walk down to the harbour.

Stay safe.  

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