Silly Me.

 Yesterday I went out on my bike – it would be after 10 am (I never ate much possibly toast and tea) – I did not go all that far either 15 miles or so, although I have been pushing a little harder these days. When I did get home I felt fine at first. I made myself a pot of tea, was not feeling that hungry so took down a packet of salted potato crisps (these I find help recovery, possibly the salt in them). Soon after I felt hellish, could not focus – when I stood up I felt nausea, and off-balance, I had slight pain across my lower abdomen but thought this was the cycling (muscle strain).

I did what I always do in such circumstances I lay on my bed and pulled the duvet over myself, the room was spinning wildly. I managed to drop off to sleep and woke about two hours later. I still felt hellish but surprisingly no headache only this lack of balance and nausea when I tried to get up.

I woke up for the second time, half-past one in the morning, I was feeling much better, made myself a pot of tea, it does not taste all that great, but no serious reaction from it.

I undressed and climbed back into bed it was after 8 am this morning when I emerged, I felt on top of the world, seems I had not been taking plenty of water and food on board when out cycling, you get careless when the runs are only a couple of hours or so – but pushing hard for two hours, the fluid loss can be high, especially in this warmer weather. The problem is this was not a one-off, I had been doing this every day over the week, my body had enough. All those years of cycling, you would think I would have learned by now. Must start carrying Jelly Babies with me again.

The weather today was a bit special much more like late spring, I just had to go out on the bike (with a full water bottle) I had only intended to go as far as Strathkinness and back but I was feeling good so carried on to Knock Hill and dropped down the hill to the bridge over the River Eden. The sign said Road Closed but I ignored it since you will always manage to get through with a bike, so on to Pitscottie.

I stopped for a long pull on my water bottle, I was making up my mind as to whether I should take the hill and over to Cupar, but decided to head straight home from Pitscottie. The Hawthorn flower was out on the hedgerows, the sweet smell so strong as you cycle along.

Back home there was a parcel awaiting my homecoming.

Last year when we were discussing the garden and what to plant in the spring, I wanted some Chrysanthemums. D.T. Brown had an offer of five different verities of plants, hardened off and ready to plant out straight into the garden, I had placed an order for 10 Chrysanthemums plants. I received in return an e-mail from DT to tell me that they were no longer available – out of stock, ho-hum.

Surprise, surprise DT had stored my order on file and the package today was 10 Chrysanthemum plants, Oh, help ma Boab, better get the gardening boots on. Still, it has been a great day for it. Now after 2 pm in the afternoon by the time I had tided away, well, you just can not go into the garden and do one job, can you?

It has been a grand day, but time now to put the tatties on, for the dinner

Keep safe.

One thought on “Silly Me.

  1. Can’t be making mistakes like this at your age! I remember you writing about just such a situation in one of your early posts. Take care of yourself – and stay hydrated!


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