Gardening on Prescription.

After yesterdays time out in the gardening my labour and fresh air did for me, certainly, by 10 pm (early for me), my bed seemed very appealing. I slept like a log until almost 9 am and although a bit sleepy-eyed when I woke, I felt totally refreshed.

For a while back I was concerned that I was turning into a couch potato and becoming grossly overweight, which brings on many medical problems in old age, so I have tried as best I can to stay active.

Thinking about potatoes – the ones that I bought from the supermarket the other day have sprouted so well, I did not know whether I should peal them or plant them, ho-hum.

Cycling will always be a joy, but now I like to choose my days for anything other than a short circuit of an hour or so.

Gardening on the other hand is something quite different, not only is it light excessive and fresh air, but I’m finding it very therapeutic, maybe it should be prescribed by doctors on prescription.

The temperature had been forecast to drop during the night, so I put a cover over the cold frame, could not bear to see all the hard work destroyed in one night of frost, thankfully when I removed the cover this morning all was well, lots and lots of healthy little plantlets.

Although the morning was bright and bathed in sunshine under the clear skies, it was cold and the nagging wind from the north is still with us. I took off on my bike after a light breakfast, (only one slice of bread remaining for the morning toast). And headed out for Cupar, with no real plan as to where I would end up.

The wind was a bother all the way and maybe I should not hang my face mask over the handlebars, parachute breaking has its place but not on a bike.

I pulled in at the park and sat a while watching dogs exercising their owners and children at play, as I sipped at my water bottle, The daffodils, were everywhere but yet to flower, in a few days time they will put on quite a show.

With the wind mostly on my back now, the long climb out of Cupar, for Pitscottie, could be taken at leisure, then the exhilarating ride downhill into the village at 40 kph. On the homeward straight now for St Andrews, and as you crest at Blebocraig, with St Andrews now in your sight and a long straight of blacktop I tramped along at 35 kph. I love this part of the run and happily pushed hard for home.

As I entered the town, still buzzing along at around 30 kph, a young student came up alongside and was soon disappearing down the road, he didn’t even look like he was pedalling that hard, just a nice steady cadence. How old do you feel now Hamilton?

The sun has passed over the yardarm, by some way so the best of the day is over, still again, another good day.

Stay safe.

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