Forgive an Old Man’s Tears – and Thank You for the Years.

I was living in Edinburgh at the time of my story. Christmas was upon us, and I had popped into Bins, a rather smart store at the west end of Princess Street. I was searching for something a bit special for mum’s Christmas present, always difficult. Mum loved flowers, in the garden and in theContinue reading “Forgive an Old Man’s Tears – and Thank You for the Years.”

The King sits in Dunfermline toon – a drinking at the wine……….

I had sat up until after 1am this morning watching a movie on television and stepped like a log until 9 am. The day looked fine so I decided to jump onboard a bus for Dunfermline, had not been there since before the coronavirus struck, and it was in need of a visit once more.Continue reading “The King sits in Dunfermline toon – a drinking at the wine……….”

“The NHS can not be the last stop for all the countries’ problems”

My ride today was short, if not sweet; rain dampened enthusiasm, however getting off my bum and out is always the challenge, mission accomplished. I have said in the past that I have given up on mainstream media, and to a certain extent that is true. This morning I flicked on the television (Sky News)Continue reading ““The NHS can not be the last stop for all the countries’ problems””

Selling Castles in the Air

Nicola Sturgeon: is the first minister running out of options for Scottish independence. This was the headline from Sky News this morning – now I do not believe that any political correspondent worth their salt, working with Sky News, or any other mainstream media believes this headline to be true. For they will already knowContinue reading “Selling Castles in the Air”

A Bridge Too Far

The bridge was named the “Crimean Bridge” after an online vote in December 2017, while “Kerch Bridge” and “Reunification Bridge” were the second and third most popular choices, respectively. On 8 October 2022, at 6:07 a.m. local time, a large explosion occurred on the roadway leading from Russia to Crimea, starting a large fire and causingContinue reading “A Bridge Too Far”

Where have all the Suffragettes gone?

I really have given up on the BBC, Sky News and “Scottish” television news programmes, all have been waxing lyrical over the newest ‘SCOTTISH’ wind farm in Scottish waters and how it will help save the planet from global warming that will be a catastrophe for the world, second only to a nuclear war. ThereContinue reading “Where have all the Suffragettes gone?”

Aspen trees to light the way

Today’s ride took me over to Leuchars an as I travelled along the cycle path the wind was rustling the leaves of what I believe are Aspen trees. As a schoolboy my history teacher was telling us about the Romans and their road-building skills, mainly Ermine Street, now the A15, and how they planted AspenContinue reading “Aspen trees to light the way”