Chief Indian Feathers,

I have been reading a brilliant book by Paula Mitchell Marks, ‘In A Barren Land’ American Indian Dispossessions and Survival. About how the Europeans came to America and wiped out the indigenous peoples. Despite the American film industries interpretation of events, it was diseases, such as smallpox and influenza, that people from Europe had grownContinue reading “Chief Indian Feathers,”

A watch with a fur coat

When my father went from shot-fireman to the dizzy heights of deputy, a sort of health and safety inspector underground in the coal mine his duties would now involve testing for gas, checking the general condition of the roof, and measuring water levels. This work would often take him into old workings and places whereContinue reading “A watch with a fur coat”

Mayflower and Nettles

Such a beautiful day. I could have happily cycled on and on to the ends of the earth. It was the kind of day that could not be hurried, and the day that would determine distance, and direction of travel. Out to Strathkinness, and down through the dell to Pitscottie, sunlight slanted like spears throughContinue reading “Mayflower and Nettles”

Improving the Bike

The butterfly handlebars I had ordered from Amazon arrived a couple of days ago and having fitted them to the bike I took it for a spin to try them out. I would normally ride a bike with a 21 to 22-inch frame and a 21 to 22-inch top tube, the one I have hasContinue reading “Improving the Bike”