Mayflower and Nettles

Such a beautiful day. I could have happily cycled on and on to the ends of the earth. It was the kind of day that could not be hurried, and the day that would determine distance, and direction of travel. Out to Strathkinness, and down through the dell to Pitscottie, sunlight slanted like spears throughContinue reading “Mayflower and Nettles”

Improving the Bike

The butterfly handlebars I had ordered from Amazon arrived a couple of days ago and having fitted them to the bike I took it for a spin to try them out. I would normally ride a bike with a 21 to 22-inch frame and a 21 to 22-inch top tube, the one I have hasContinue reading “Improving the Bike”

The Wee Castle Tour

The morning was overcast and the wind out of the east and bitter cold. I pedalled my way to St Andrew’s castle at the end of the Scores for the start of my journey.  My first digital camera was a great little camera. Simply point it in the right direction and press the button andContinue reading “The Wee Castle Tour”

The Compostela de Santiago

Santiago lies in the Province of Galicia in Northern Spain,the name a shortened version of Santo Iago, or in English, Saint James. The disciple, James the Greater of Biblical fame, later to become Spain’s Patron Saint  arrived in Spain as an evangelist, and his bones are now believed to be in a casket housed underContinue reading “The Compostela de Santiago”

A Lesson Learned

Thursday’s headwind had abated, but it was still there, and very very cold. Having struggled to recover from yesterday’s ride I decided to change my route and headed for Guardbridge on the cycle track and then over to Balmullo onto the A914 for Dairsie of Osnaburgh.  At the roundabout, I turned left onto the A19Continue reading “A Lesson Learned”

Coronavirus – a Spoke in the Wheel

Well the Coronavirus pandemic has well and truly put a spoke in the wheel of my big adventure any time soon. However, always the optimist, I have started training anyway.  That way I will be fit and ready whenever things settle down again. If nothing else it gets me out in the fresh air andContinue reading “Coronavirus – a Spoke in the Wheel”