A wee run out to Scotstarvit Tower

With the coming, of spring, it would seem that I need less and less sleep and will normally be up and about by 6am, no matter how late I go to bed (seldom before midnight). Yesterday was no exception, after breakfast I started on my spring cleaning. First, windows were thrown open, all the wayContinue reading “A wee run out to Scotstarvit Tower”

Spring was really worth waiting for

Had a really good morning ride, a bit different too, the winds, what there was, was still out of the east-south-east so still bloody cold. I had no destination so as ever all roads lead there. As I trundled my way along the cycle path for Guardbridge, I was thinking Tentsmuir, however, on reaching GuardbridgeContinue reading “Spring was really worth waiting for”

Is this spring or just wishfull thinking?

My run was uneventful but pleasant enough in a cold morning air. on my return and by the time I had showered and sat down to breakfast, the sun was up and the day was inviting me outdoors. I put on my working togs and loaded my barrow with gardening tools and some thirty orContinue reading “Is this spring or just wishfull thinking?”

“Aten-Wait for It – Wait for It”.

What started off as a simple cycle run down the EuroVelo route from the Black Forest down the Danube River as far as Vienna returning back via Salzburg has turned into a lifetime adventure? For a while there I thought my trip would never happen when coronavirus struck, well, possibly someday, however as we allContinue reading ““Aten-Wait for It – Wait for It”.”