The Endless Thread that is Freindship

I received this from an old friend (college chum) in answer to my last e-mail – and my reply – though it was worthy of posting.

Ahoy! Sorry for the late reply, always busy dealing with offspring and dramas.  However, brief respite Saturday, managed to get in the sea at Silver Sands high tide at 14:00 which literally chilled me out a bit.  That was probably the coldest for a while but there were a couple of die-hards including a chap in his 70s.  A curious seal appeared again and leapt out of the water about 2 cables away, I often see him, must be wondering what the hell humans are doing in the water at this time of year the mad buggers haha.

Yes, I didn’t think about how much damage those ships are doing, to be honest, and as you say they are not reporting it on MSM to a great extent.  I don’t normally subscribe to conspiracy theories but I am now convinced the electric car revolution is utter nonsense and there are great and dark powers behind it.  Like murder, there has to be motive, means and opportunity.  I can only think that the power companies in cahoots with the government/s want to try and disenfranchise the oil-producing states in the Middle East and remove all power and wealth and dependency on them which, to be honest, wouldn’t be a bad thing in terms of dependency as it might nip in the bud these bloody wars.

The EV argument is ludicrous to even surely to the most non-erudite of laymen.:- 

The planet will be raped for lithium, and thousands exploited across Africa and Asia to work in the open cast mines.  

They don’t work in freezing temperatures, (I’m not as technically gifted as you but I know even my ‘Ring’ doorbell battery depletes in hours rather than weeks in sub-zero temps).  

If there are snow blizzards and EV get stuck, the batteries drain and no way to get the vehicles out.  

After 9 or 10 yrs the batteries deplete and have to be replaced costing a fair hefty sum 

They have no effective, environmentally friendly way of disposing of the batteries

It just doesn’t add up to me, something sinister is going on, they just can’t pull the plug (if you’ll forgive the phrase haha) on petrol vehicles in 2030, it’s abject nonsense.  Are they trying to isolate and contain the population? A possibility methinks, I’ve seen what I call the ‘de socialization’ of society through simple things like the destruction of the pub trade, it saddens me as an example to see a wee town like Milnathort, it used to have 2 major pubs right at the main crossroads, both gone now, One a private house and the other a bloody conference centre.  There is still The Thistle Hotel and a smaller hill up th brae on the old Perth Road but you know what I mean.

Even in my younger days, the pub was the centre of the community, you got to know your neighbours, and met new friends and there was a general ambience of community however hazy the evening got lol.  Times change as you know more than me lol.  I suppose we’re all culpable to a varying degree with home drinking and advances in home entertainment but you can’t beat a good night of convivial chat and laughter in a pub.

On that dreary note, if you haven’t visited Kirkcaldy Hugh Street of late then don’t lol you wouldn’t believe your eyes.  It’s a dystopian nightmare, all the major stores are closed and gone, Markies is now a vaccine hub, the Mercat is like a forlorn drunk with empty shops like rotten teeth marking the main thoroughfare like crucifixes on the Appian Way, Miss Maudes has lain empty for years and now Superdrug has announced imminent closure.  Unemployed foreigners hanging about in groups in minging attire and appearance and junkies shouting at the sky.  All the while the SNP-led administration pouring millions into the lovely, useless paving restructuring of the promenade where no one goes and or spends money, utter madness I tell you, Walter!

We are looking to move from Kirkcaldy, it is the pits these days, and all we hear are sirens, I think criminals have now got the idea into their heads (and probably correctly) that there aren’t enough police or the will to stop them, we have seen a rapid increase the last year or so in prowlers, break-ins, car thefts and all sorts, quite depressing really, welcome to Sturgeon’s paradise haha.

Apart from that everything is well hahahahaha. Must dash, Monday morning work madness to attend to, stay safe, hope you enjoyed ‘Fedora’.

Sounds amazing chum, excellent prose of review, enjoyable read.  I haven’t seen ‘Fedora’ must look out, haven’t been to the opera since ‘Carmen’ for many years which is a fav of mine.


Hi again

You know of course that I love the sea – I learned to sail (dinghies) when out in Cyprus way back early 1960s. I have had a few boats over the years (sailing) the largest was 27 Feet and weighed in at around 5.5 tons. Sailed up and down the North Sea from North Berwick to Wells-on-Sea (out of Grimsby) it was a comfortable live-on-board wooden boat that kept the maintenance tools ready to hand – mostly scraping, sanding and varnishing – a lot of bright-work on these old boats. It was the boat that was going to be my permanent home in France, (the plan was to buy a piece of land adjacent to a canal and live there, but life got in the way. So, I have seen lots of those little comical heads popping up alongside my boat, big calf eyes and whiskers. I often wondered if it was the boat that made them curious or my lobster pots, and setline that I always dropped over the side along with the anchor. Fresh, live lobsters sold well in local restaurants – bought me some diesel.

With you 100 per cent on EVs why does everything need a battery now? From, yes, your doorbell to your vacuum cleaner, and yes open cast across the world, and when the finite resources run out on earth they will start dredging the oceans. And like you say – disposal – much like the awfully cheap nuclear power – leaving the cost of disposal and clean up to the next generation – our end is served.  

I cry over the demise of the local pub and working men’s clubs, they were the places of communication – discussion rooms, none of this one-sided crap on social media – we all had a say and our opinion were listened to. (Maybe that was the trouble – the truth came out about our governments). Also, the coming together of males/females at dances and socials, music, laughter, and a whole culture swept away with their demise.

When I add up all the costs – what we have gained and what we have lost – I can’t help thinking – we’ve been taken for a ride.

Home entertainment (to use your vocabulary LOL) the television must be the best cure for insomnia known to man.

Yes, empty shops, possibly due to online shopping, (which has not helped global warming all those delivery vans heading out Amazon’s gates and spreading out across Fife. However, what they need to do is turn those empty shops into homes, bring more people into the centre of town and you will get local (small shops) opening up again for the baker, greengrocer, butcher ….. this is how it was in the cities and towns I visited on my trip to Germany/Austria – and of course, there are no charity shops, food banks, people sleeping in doorways…. in Germany/Austria, the state social services works.

As for crime, if people see only a dark tunnel ahead of them, unemployment, poor wages when in work, living from hand to mouth, poor damp homes in some run-down housing estate (no longer owned by the council but buy to let investors, whose only interest in the house is how much money it can make to fill their retirement pot. Depressed nations of unhappy people will turn to drugs, and crime to feed their habits or kicks. I have a nephew – when his parents split up the kids wet off the rails (their mother had no control over them) the youngest two went on a spree of housebreaking – only caught when they broke into the Mayors home and found the liquor cabinet, got pissed and though that the goldfish in the pond in the garden would bring them a few bob or two, so they went splashing around in the pond trying to catch the fish. When they were in court Malcolm asked for 22 other cases to be taken into consideration – seems they had found something they did well. I asked Malcolm, years later, why he did it since he was a lad that was never into material things or wanted riches. He told me for kicks, he felt alive when he was housebreaking. I go right back to our education system, if you can not install discipline in schools, (see what happened in the school in Anstruther, fighting in the classroom) and channel young energy into worthwhile activities then you will end up where we are now.

You only have to go to places such as Bradford (where I lived for many years) and see how the Pakistani population have taken over the  city, the kids do what their parents tell them to do – they work hard at home and at their school work – (as soon as a little girl can press the keys on the cash register they are working in dad’s or granddad’s shop) – whatever you think of the Pakistani they do have a high work ethic – possibly because they are immigrants (even if they were born in England)

I saw the Green Party MSP on the telly the other day, he was telling us that the north of Scotland was a wilderness and should be covered in on-shore wind turbines (who elect these Numpies?) what we need to erect on any (wilderness or otherwise in Scotland) is a million home for young immigrants – we are living in a demographic time bomb (not helped by Brexit, England’s drawbridge mentality) – when we did have a much better system for people to move much more freely around Europe – we had the staff to keep our NHS afloat (without the high cost of agency workers) our care homes (a thankless task) were being staffed (happily) by people from the Baltic States (places such as Romania) the crops were being lifted in the fields – not rotting in the fields. Where did we go wrong?

Still, it is hard to keep a good man down for long. I have been walking down by the harbour over the years and seen the demise of the inshore and crabbing industry all but disappear (again Brexit) the French are buying their lobster, crabs etc. From the Faro islanders now, any way to cut a long story short one small crabber has been tied up in the river for some time now and I just happened upon the harbour master the other day – asking about the boat – it belongs to a lady whose husband died. Was she selling it – seems she can not make up her mind (possibly nostalgia stopping her from parting with it) but something will have to be done with it or it will deteriorate past saving. I have her address – so maybe another project for the bold Hamilton. I would like a wee boat again – do a bit of fishing and throw (three maximum, and for self-use only, before you need a fishing licence) lobster pots out.

I did not know you were into Opera, I got there by all the musicals that were the stable diet of the cinemas in the 1950s – Rose Marie, The Student Prince (I’ll do my duty for Carlsberg) Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, Seven Brides for seven Brothers, the sound of Music…… all stepping stones to my introduction to Opera. I have many DVDs of Opera (and musicals) but my favourite has to be Mozart – Le Nozze Di Figaro. So funny I could watch it over and over. In fact, I play the CD a lot around the house – or when in my workshop, you do not have to see the action, for the pictures are there in your head, all you need is the music to bring them to life. I wanted to go to a live opera when I was in Wien but they were booked out months in advance, boo-ho, if I had known this I would have booked months before leaving Scotland, such is life.  

Keep safe.   


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