Or Voice Must be Heard

Are you not just a bit tired of the news broadcasts that invade our homes each day? Today it was the American spokesmen telling us how Russia is now using criminal gangs as mercenaries to fight in Ukraine, I’m sure they are, Stalin did, and America have used mercenaries in every war they have ever waged, although now they are called Civilian Contractors, no need for flag-draped coffins on the nightly news for these lads, so no scared horses – our votes are safe.

The images on the news this morning showing the American spokesperson standing at the podium telling us all this could so easily have been a re-run of the same man standing there years ago telling us about Weapons of Mass Destruction – same guy – same stretching of the truth.

What did we expect – America, Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Norway, and most of the Baltic nations sending vast amounts of high-tech military equipment, (first anti-tank handheld weapons, now we are way beyond that) NATO boots on the ground – manpower and intelligence from American surveillance, targeting troop movements, the killing of young lads, just out of boot camp – never fired a bullet in anger, (war crimes) and it is all Russia’s fault because we only ever hear one side of the story.

And now the talks in Switzerland that should have been about – the world economy, tackling global warming, a war on the world, so catastrophic, (no matter if we disagree about the causes) only second to all-out nuclear war, was high jacked by America to talk about sending more, bigger and better, weapons of mass destruction into an already escalating conflict. I have to agree with Germany, how sending German tanks into a war zone will do nothing other than bring the war closer to the EU member’s door. The Second World War that devastated the great cities of Europe is still fresh in many people’s minds, thank goodness for Germany, the pressure, in the end, maybe too much but like Hungary, they see the dangers of following American foreign policies.

Still reading The China Mirage (it is not a book to read all the way through it has to be put down and thought about as you go) we see how Roosevelt, had (secretly) handed Korea to Japan, even though Korea had signed a pact with the US that Korea would ever be independently guaranteed under US protection. Then when Japan invaded Manchuria – the US made some noises but in the end

On October 9 1931 Stimson met President Herbert Hoover and demanded that the US and the League of Nations jointly condemn Japan’s actions on the grounds of a number of international treaties. Hoover based the calculations of America’s interests in Asia on hard dollars and cents. The bottom line was that the value of US trade with Japan was many times larger than it was with China. While Americans might shed a tear for Noble Peasants Wang and O-lan, the Japanese were buying fully half of America’s cotton crop and Japan’s military-industrial complex bought large amounts of US oil and steel. Nelson Johnson – the US ambassador to China from 1929 to 1941 – wrote the Japanese control of North China would not cause “The loss of a dollar from an American purse.”   

I look at this and I look at what is happening in Ukraine at this time and see America’s proxy war (in which it has successfully involved Europe through its alliance with NATO) as nothing more than keeping the wheels of the American war factories well greased – for jobs mean votes – and votes mean power.

Now reading about Mao Zedong and how he ended the Soong dynasty (who helped themselves to China’s wealth, squirrelling it away in American and European banks and in property across the world) The Peoples Army. a small army of peasants that took on the might of the Generalissimo and won. fascinating stuff

Stay safe


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