Bairns, not Bombs

My walls are now adorned with Christmas cards, and my sock drawer is filling up (well, what do you give a man that has everything) Christmas is once more upon us.

The two boys are back at boarding school after their Christmas holidays, and they are telling each other about their experiences.

It was brilliant, the Roman Catholic boy said, the tree, the decorations, the carol service, midnight mass, and best of all the family – including grandmother and grandfather – over for Christmas dinner, and that is when we opened up our Christmas presents.

You don’t celebrate Christmas, he asks, his Pakistani friend, do you, what did you do over the Christmas hols?  

On Christmas morning dad drove the Mercedes around to the house and we all piled in – he drove us down to the industrial estate where we went inside his warehouse, and as we looked around at the rows and rows of empty shelves – we sang

“What a friend we have in Jesus………before flying off to our Swiss Alpine lodge for our winter skiing holiday – sorry getting very cynical in my old age.    

Tell me again that Ukraine is not another American proxy war; Volodymyr Zelensky – Joe Biden’s poodle – invited to speak in congress in America – welcomed by Biden like some conquering hero into the White House (I remember when the Afghan warlords received the same treatment at the American Senators texas ranch – before they became America’s enemies). Zelensky lorded over and of course given a folded America Flag in a case to carry back to Ukraine. The cat is now out of the bag – America is using Ukraine to gain territory around the Black Sea – expand trade deals (selling, high profit, GM seed to Ukrainian farmers, and like the bankrupted farmers of India they will find one planted some seed can not be stored for next years crop – they are then over a barrel to the American seed company).

American military bases will soon follow (they have been poring in money to modify the docks in Odesa to take the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier (complete with American warplanes at British taxpayer’s expense) and like all American bases around the world they are not American bases, they tell us, they are only working in collaboration with allies. What’s not to like a large military base bringing in much-needed foreign currency to your country. This is all American empire-building by stealth, or should that be a gun to your head – Like in the Godfather – my father made him a deal he could not refuse – your signature on the paper or your brains.

At home the cost of living is through the roof, production through the floor, the country going into recession, a time to tighten our belts the Chancellor tells us, things are bad and will get worse before they get better, no more money in the coffers to give higher wages to nurses, postmen, firefighters, teachers………. But with billions to give away to Ukraine and the budget of our forces, escalating daily now 3% of GDP.

We will suffer from high fuel bills, higher taxes, lower wages (because of inflation) an influx of refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan (in the millions, who have no problem getting into the country, as genuine refugees and will not be forcefully transported to some foreign land in Africa – where the dictator there has been offered fast sums of money to take them in (of course there will be no guarantee of accommodation, healthcare or work, that risking all to come to Britain promised them.)

Stop pandering to American foreign policy and start looking after the poor of the world Bairns, not Bombs.    

stay safe 


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