Winter’s Wonderland

Charles was standing at the manager’s door when I was heading out to the car,

“Want to go for a wee run in the car Charles” I called to him

He, like my wee dog, was at the door before me, after posing the same question to him – that will be a yes then.

The rain may have been little during my run – just enough to activate the windscreen wipers – is everything automatic on this car? However, when out of the car it was bloody freezing with an ice-cold wind at its back. I was pleased that I had put on my Aran jumper, knitted for me by my sister – Irena is still looking after me, even though she is deceased.  

 I did try to put the hood down but it would not go down, maybe just as well, the weather was far from good. We went out to Guardbridge, Leuchars then onto the Wormit road heading for Balmerino Abbey or at least what is left of Balmerino Abbey.

After a quick look around (Charles had never seen it before) we climbed up to Hazelton Wells. This is a very long and steep climb on a bike but not today. The great thing about climbing hills on a bike is that you get to dive down the other side, (normally). Today it was all the way down into Newburgh, where we visited the ruined Abbey there.

Charles suggested we might go for a coffee – so we did at the café/filling station. Tea and a scone for me – coffee and an Empire biscuit for Charles (naturally Charles had no money).

Home via Lindores Loch and onto the A91 I wanted to turn left at Melville Lodge roundabout and go into Monimail and visit the tower there – but Charles would not have been able to manage the stairs – so it was on to Cupar and home via Pitscottie.

The car was a dream to drive – all went well – apart from the petrol gauge did not move even a degree, very un-nerving.

Home and out with the instruction manual – seems the hood will not move if the extra parcel space is open in the boot, I went into the boot and found that I had inadvertently tripped the handle that opens up that extra space by stuffing the car cover in the corner – so an easy fix.

Will take the car round to the filling station and check the tyre pressures and put a bit more petrol in the tank, see if that moves the needle on the petrol gauge, if not then I will just have to run it until the warning light – for the low fuel comes on and fill up then – which seems to work for it flashed on as it should when the ignition was switched on.

I feel much happier, now that I have decided to keep the car and just enjoy it, OK, it may not have the best fuel-efficient engine – but as my old girlfriend would say “It’s the pleasure that counts.”  

Stay safe.


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