Will this bill see Sturgeon Ousted?

According to Elie Weather, the most accurate for North East Fife, there is a 40 per cent risk of rain until around 11 O’clock then partly cloudy until around 1 O’clock. However, so far the skies are clear and it is cold and windy out. The only reason I mentioned this is the car has been sitting for a while now, not ideal for a highly bred little racehorse such as a BMW Z4 so now that it is back legally on the road I thought I would take it for a spin.

I have only driven this car a few miles and it will take some getting used to, and not only driving but getting in and out of the damn thing.

Once in you seem to be sitting in the bottom of a bathtub looking over the rim making it difficult to see the front corners (maybe I should have a cushion under me) and legs straight out in front, again no idea on a long trip. It’s saving glory – it’s a car you to be seen in. I drove it with the hood down and was surprised at how good it felt and at shielding you from the wind (then I ride a motorcycle, a lot) and of course, you can put the heater on. So good did it feel that I would drive it all the time in this manner (so long as it was not raining.) Now, where did I put that bobble hat with the pompon on top?

In the movie Blind Side (a brilliant performance by Sandra Bullock) Leigh Ann Tuohy is taking Michael Oher (Quinton Aeron) shopping. One thing I know about shopping – if you do not adore it in the shop, you will not wear it when you get it home. Think of yourself wearing it, then ask yourself,

“Is this me?”

With the eyes of the British media averted here in Scotland, the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill is in its final stages of passing in the Scottish parliament.

This bill is likely to pass tonight for it has the backing of Labour and the Green party, however, it certainly does not have the backing of the people of Scotland.

This is the most device law that will ever pass in that parliament and will be like Margaret Thatcher’s Poll Tax in Scotland – the start of Nicola Sturgeon’s downfall. For even if it does pass, legal challenge, after legal challenge will follow hard on its heels, not only costing the taxpayer millions to defend but the positions of those who voted for its introduction – will be ousted come the next Holyrood elections.

Stay safe


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