Time is not on our Side

When I was studying marketing at college and learning about international markets. One of the things I read, blowing my mind, was that if Coca-Cola were to sell the equivalent per captor of their fizzy drinks in China as they did in Australia, they would not simply have to up production – they would have to create a whole new Coca-Cola company.

The size of the domestic markets in China, India, and Pakistan, in fact, the eastern hemisphere of the world is enormous and almost untapped by the western industrial nations.

I have never understood why we in the UK are so ignorant of this fact. Then again, the folks here are not informed as they should be by the UK media – quite the opposite.

Once upon a time here in the UK, we were given figures of what was known as our Balance of Payment – the money we raised from exporting, our goods sold to the rest of the world – against what we paid for goods into this country from the rest of the world. Maybe because the difference these days would only scare the voters it is best not to tell. The country’s economy now floats on debt – invisible earnings – and printing money.

The war in Ukraine has caused big problems for Europe (and that implies the UK, being part of Europe although we are now, after Brexit, an appendix of the US). Modern wars are not won by soldiers, although battles can be won or lost by soldiers on the ground, wars are most defiantly won by War Factories, and have been since the War of Independence in America when we say the first major industrial war.

After the Second World War, countries that we would have said lost the war surprise us now to appear to have done better than we who were reputed to have won the war, incurring vast war debts and an unemployment nightmare.  On the other hand, names such as VW, Fiat, and Mitsubishi, are now vast corporations -household names, yet it was they that were all on the losing side of the Second World War, why?

Hard on the heels of the Second World War, we had the Korean War and Japan was in the right place at the right time for the Americans. They turned Japan into the War Factory. Close to the fighting for US aircraft, and millions of out-of-work highly skilled men and women, it was the start of Japan’s rise, much like a phoenix from the ashes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In Germany, a British army officer from the Royal Engineers could see that although the VW factory had been bombed, mostly the damage done was superficial. And since that British officer had the unenviable task of putting Germany back together and again. What to do with the millions of unemployed – well put them to work in the VW factory making a cheap car that was at that time needed for the allied forces in Europe, and later for the domestic market. This was the start of what we now call the economic miracle. It all starts with a clean slate – no autocratic bureaucracy – unions on the boards of management – so no ‘them and us’ disruptive disputes – all helped to put Germany back together again.

I said that wars are won by War Factories not men soldiers on the ground – 90 per cent of war casualties in modern wars are not soldiers but civilians, saving the embracement of numerous body bags being seen coming home from conflict – don’t scare the voters – no Vietnam protesters on the streets of America these days. No one will get in an inflatable overcrowded boat and head for America – proxy wars fought with high-tech military machines, like some computer game in a shack millions of miles from the front line that is modern warfare.

The US and UK are pouring millions into Ukraine – their War Factories will always be able to supply more armaments than Russia – so the US will prevail – well no.

If we go back to my marketing studies we will see that so long as the war is confined to Ukraine (and it always will be not even the powers at be in the EU are daft enough to allow it to spread from the borders of Ukraine into Europe as a whole and why American has come up with the idea of sanction on Russia – kill the Russian economy and Russia will implode much as the Soviet Union imploded. Times have changed.

So long as the Eastern hemisphere needs the gas and oil that is under Siberia and Russia is willing to put in the infrastructure to supply that gas and oil to the East then Sanctions are nonsense. China, India, and Pakistan alone are a market far greater than the EU will ever be, I think I am right in saying that India has a larger population than even China now, (Coca-Cola will need two more Coca-Cola companies if they are to sell there in the quantities they sell per head in Australia).  

At home we have inflation through the roof, production through the floor, and revolution in the air, all because we are following the foreign policies of America, Maggie Thatcher told you decades ago,

When the pound reaches parity with the dollar then there is no going back,

We are now an appendix of the American capitalist economic system, ‘Wall Street, not Main Street’. And This is why Scottish Independence is so vital to our existence, but make no mistake about it, Time is not on our Side.

Stay safe


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