“We are moving from a peace industry to a war industry.”

Nightly on the British media, I hear stories of strikes over pay and working conditions, in the rail industry, the post office, our schools, and our overworked staff in the NHS, an industry totally starved of funding and plagued by understaffing.

The government’s response

“Nothing to do with us pay settlements is between employer and employee” (that is why we sold all the public bodies to private enterprise so that we could wash our hands of any responsibility).  

I heard the minister, responsible for agriculture, being quizzed – how since Brexit farmers are suffering – not so said he – the high cost of living means that farmers are receiving more for their products, (well, normally that would make sense if they were not paying a high cost for raw materials – seed, fertilizer, animal feed, diesel, electricity……………

We live in a country that can wage war on any other country with little discussion, over its cost. However when it comes to assisting people who are suffering, suddenly it is then all about the bottom line.

The Transport Secretary was on television today, telling the unions “Get back to work” the country can not afford to pay more, whilst at the same time calling for legal legalisation to curb unions from calling strikes.

However, when it comes to military spending there is no limit set – it is the horn of plenty.

Total military aid delivered to Ukraine since February 2022

USA $15.1 billion

UK $2.9 billion

EU $2.6 billion

Poland $1.7 billion

Germany $776 million

Canada $488 million

Latvia $318 million

Australia $275 million

Estonia   $254 million

France $244 million (only pledged)

Sweden $244 million (only pledged)

Netherlands $222 million

Norway $222 million (only pledged)

Lithuania $212 million

Italy $172 million in ‘The Guardian’ 27/06/2022

Senior military officials from Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt met the Israel Defence Forces in June to discuss how they could work together in military cooperation against Iran. (another US proxy war being hatched)

The Biden administration in the US is preparing to sell 1.1 billion worth of military equipment to Taiwan. Bloomberg, 30/08/2022

Raytheon and Lockheed Martain (with factories in Glenrothes and Livingston in Scotland) are involved in a $100 million maintenance deal for Taiwan’s missile defence systems – the same Raytheon in Glenrothes that Sturgeon gave millions of Scottish taxpayers money to “diversify away from armaments” aye right. ABC News 16/09/2022

This of course has not gone down well in China – what was once a sword-rattling exercise has become another American proxy war – some say good old CIA – You do not need to look far to see where the “smart money” is going when it comes to stocks and shares – not in green renewable but arms manufacturing industry.

“We are moving from a peace industry to a war industry.”

Michel Hofman, Chief of Defence of the Belgian Armed Forces,– Brussels Times, 05/08/202

They do it in your name – remember – bairns not bombs.

Stay safe.


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