The overnight rain has passed and left behind what looks to be the start of a fine and quiet day, (may have spoken too soon).

I watched a documentary on Sky Art yesterday the life of Tina Turner; I have lived with Tina’s music since 1959 but did not know much about the girl with such as strong voice and unique delivery. Then after her break up with Ike Turner, more and more of what had been a living hell for her came out in the press and on radio and television interviews. Then came the movie about her life and around the same time ‘Made in Dagenham’ an eye opener for many men, how they needed to change their attitude.

However some men will never change, they will always believe ‘it’s allowed for they will always be bullies. In the documentary, they interviewed Ike Turner (now an old man) asking him about Tina’s failed attempt at suicide and he told them,

“She was only attention seeking”

He was in denial, it was nothing to do with his drug abuse, abusing his wife verbally and physically, her beatings and rape, at his hands. What came over very strongly was how once Tina found the power to fight back, how quickly she herself moved on with her life. However, the press it seemed could not move on, for in interview after interview they would always associate Tina with Ike and ask about relationships now in the past rather than how positive her life had become and the great music she was now producing.  

Moving on seems to be difficult for today’s media too, they seem to get stuck in a grove and go over and over old ground till we switch off, (then again maybe that is their plan – protect the government by misdirection).

Today I read something that gladdens my soul, rather than the constant propaganda spewed out daily on our media (BBC, Sky News, Channel 4) ‘RUSSIA BAD’ there was a piece from Reuters.

“The west should consider how to address Russia’s need for security guarantees if Vladimir Putin agrees to negotiations about ending the war in Ukraine, French president Emmanuel Macron, said. He said, Europe needed to address Putin’s fear that “NATO comes right up to its doors”, and the deployment of weapons that could threaten Russia, as Europe prepares its future security architecture, Reuters reports.

Let’s give three big ‘Old Age Pensioners’ cheers for the wise head of Emmanuel Macrone,



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