Whin and a girl coming into bloom

It was late onto the road this morning close to 10 am so it was nearly 12 noon before I returned after peddling into the extremely cold morning air, even my thermal cloves struggled, and my toes turned to ice, but it felt good to be outdoors.

Turning off onto the Kemback road was a respite from the wind. The Dura burn was a torrent of white water, and it was clear that yesterday’s heavy rain had caused the burn to overflow onto the road. The grass of the banks had been flattened by the spillage onto the roadway now strewn with gravel and mud, and potholes galore, dropping down from Kemback at over 40kph felt a little scary.  

The roads were very quiet and I only saw one group of four cyclists out, they were coming up the hill from Kemback. After the village, there is a second waterfall on your right and it was spouting out a good two meters from the wall, and yes, no camera.

Climbing up onto Knock Hill, and as I crested the summit the whin bushes were in full bloom, early I would say, but this is what global warming is doing to our seasons. From here you get a spectacular view of the River Eden estuary – the tide was low and white horses danced at Eden Mouth where the river meets the sea. Over the top and a downhill ride all the way into St Andrews, magic.

I had skipped breakfast (late start) so it was hunger’s good kitchen – soup with toast soldiers to dip – a treat for any hungry cyclist.

I watched ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ what a well-cast movie this was, Colin Firth playing Vermeer. Scarlett Johansson superbly casts as the beautiful Griet, I have actually seen the real painting and the girl they chose for Griet could not be closer to the real person in the painting.

Very much a coming of age (the 17-year-old Griet) not only matures physically but mentally as her mind is opened by the art she sees around her – seeing the world as if for the very first time. The master painter sees within the girl a spark of what he himself feels about his art and tries to bring it out in the girl and then captures that – almost as if he is trying to capture her inner self. His obsession with the girl leads the volatile family to jealousy and outright hostility as their relationship develops.

In the world of art this painting ‘Girl with a pearl earring’ is up there with the greatest works of art, but we have to wonder from this movie – at what cost.  

Another good day,

Stay safe.   


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