One More COP Out

I managed out on my bike today, over to Cupar and back, not far, but an achievement nonetheless after a wet and windy cycling famine.

Speaking of famines, Cop 27 comes to a close – once more with nothing really settled, no further forward to any kind of agreement other than to agree to continue talks. We did have “partial” payments to countries most affected by climate change – but I would not go spending that money until it is in the bank, so many promises in the past of money for the “third” world countries – then the photo shoot, home and domestic policies kick in – kicking foreign aid money into the long grass.   

How many years now since The Paris Climate Change Conference, and No Change?

Offering money to poor countries that have had no part in the causes of climate change, to help them with the effects of climate change, you can’t be serious?

Treating the symptoms and not the disease, is not a cure,

Today I read how homes in Perth are being flooded – I remember when these homes were first built, and on the day of the first heavy rain they flooded. The housebuilder blamed the drains and the company that laid the primary drainage system, they were asked to come back to sort out any faults.

After many meetings and, I’m sure, many bills from high-paid lawyers, cameras were sent down the draining system – all was well with the drains – the problem was that planning permission had been given to build homes on flood plains.

I wonder what sweeties were handed out to allow the planning permission to go ahead at that time.  Now the council taxpayer is picking up a tab for the clean-up of flood damage each and every time there is heavy rainfall, which with global warming will increase year

There was an interview with a climate change “expert” on the BBC this morning, the girl was asked why big insurance companies and investors are not on-boarded, flocking to invest in the new green technology – what a stupid question. This kind of investment is simply too high risk, such technology may pay off in about 30 years’ time “may” pay off.

Take a moment to think where our illustrious leader is at this time – Ukraine – yes the smart money will be invested in buying arms company shares – guaranteed profit and low risk – more so now that they have their proxy war in Ukraine. With all the NATO countries now committed to paying in more and more money the arms companies (mostly in America – and arms companies in the UK owned by American companies) laughing all the way to the bank.

Not so long ago, the then president, Trump, wanted to pull out of NATO (sending alarm bells ringing on The Hill) and the French president likewise said that NATO was past its sell-by date and wished it disbanded or at least cut back on NATO spending.

How quickly America started beating the war drums and instigating a war in Ukraine. Saving NATO (a retirement home for high-ranking ex-military types) saving the American arms industry, (and all the jobs that come from the arms industry – jobs mean votes) saving the American political parties – filling their war chests for the next run for president and the power that comes with that office.  

Power corrupts – total power corrupts totally.   

Stay safe


One thought on “One More COP Out

  1. Sad but largely true, the bits I understand. Deeply embedded corruption is the only possible explanation for some of the inexcusable planning consents dished out by Perth and Kinross council.


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