“Such a parcel of roughs in a nation”

What does one do on a wet and dreich day in St Andrews – well what I did was go to the Byre Theatre Film Festival. There was a good turnout for such a film 50 maybe as many as 100.

The film was set in the 1700s and just before the fall of the Bastille. The main character is a fine chef to the Duke – he makes small individual potato and truffle pies for the aristocratic dinner party – guests of the Duke. They are criticised by the priest at the table and like the king’s new clothes, the autocrats around the table join in the choir making a fool of the chef, now summoned before the Duke who is humiliated in front of his guests and at his own table – the chef will not apologise believing his pies to be ‘Delicious’ why must he? So is sacked for his impudence.

He returns home and vows never to cook again until a lady enters his life – she asks to be taught by the chef, his talents as a great chef has gone before him, but he refuses to teach her. She has hands that could only belong to a countess of a whore, he tells her – yes I was a whore in the most lavish brothel in Paris, she admits, of course she is lying – she is in fact a countess. They go on to open up the first restaurant in France.

We never think of the idea that someone had to start the first of anything, we just take it for granted that they have always been there. However at that time, people did not eat outwith the home, regardless of the size of their home was, now people of all classes were invited to the restaurant, seated, and given a menu from which they could choose, restricted only by the size of their stomachs and the size of their purse.

I loved the simplicity of the story, no computer graphics, or cast of thousands, yet the film contained greed, arrogance, lust, murderous intent, humiliation, comeuppance and of course love, I love movies with a happy ending.

I see that Opera-Met is returning in January, been a long time coming – before the coronavirus struck.  

Hip – hip – replacement – pensions will rise in line with inflation from next April. Alas, the inflation rate is not calculated at the 11% it is today, (and God only knows what it will be by next April) but 2.5% was the inflation rate………..eh, sorry, my memory is not what it was. And of course, they are still pushing the line that it is all Russia’s fault.

“Such a parcel of roughs in a nation”

Stay safe

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