This rhetoric had preceded every war that the UK has been involved

I heard our illustrious leader’s speech – well not all of it, for within the first ear-full I knew where it was going. Telling us what was wrong with our rotten lives and who is to blame for it, and there is only one scapegoat Russia’s President Putin.

Raining down missiles on Ukraine whilst we (the cowboys in white hats) are gathered here in Bali to sort out the problems of the world, well if that were true you would be sitting around the table with Russia and Ukraine stopping an escalation in that war, not poring more and more weapons into a war situation along with UK and US boots on the ground in Ukraine and flying spying sorties over Ukraine and Russia to aid America’s proxy war in Ukraine, start sorting out your differences rather than grandstanding in front of the cameras.

Russia is cutting off the gas supplies to other countries pushing up gas prices sky-high and causing economic problems around the world. Excuse me PM – I thought it was Europe and America that started sanctioning Russian goods – stopping world banks from dealing with Russia – stopping Russia from paying their debts and stealing the goods of anyone connected to Russia and yes was it not Europe and America that stopped buying Russian gas and oil? I believe Putin said you can have as much gas as you wish but the banks of the world were closed to them so they could not exchange currency, pay their bills or receive payment from countries that wanted to buy Russian gas, to do so would incur the wrath of America.

Who stopped the new gas pipeline from Russia to Europe from being commissioned? Not Russia.

Who blows up the gas pipelines carrying gas from Russia to Europe? Not Russia.

Putin is causing global warming, and the collapse of world economies, he is the cause of people in Africa (already hit by famine) starving to death. In response the UK is cutting foreign aid to these countries that will work, anyway, we can blame Putin.

Global warming is hitting the poorest in the world and Africa already suffering from constant civil wars (fed by American arms) they have no wealth to build their way out of draught – no wealth to turn their barren lands green with new technology and all the rich countries have to offer, having exploited their lands for their own ends, now offering in return is a plastic tent and food handouts (like food banks here at home their answer to poor government decisions).

Plastic cities the size of modern city springing up around the world – and when the young of these “refugee camps” out of desperation, gather up their worldly goods on their backs and walk thousands of miles to what they hope will be a better life for their children, we now call, Economic Migrants.

Now the British taxpayers are stumping up and paying France more and more money to stop them from taking to rubber boats and crossing the Channel. The problem is not at the Channel the problem is what Britain has done to these countries in the past and their failure to tackle the aftermath of their failed foreign policies, they could stop the problem of people risking their lives in crossing the Channel tomorrow, simply hand out visas and make sure that people leave when their visa expires, it would also solve many of the problems of recruiting staff in the NHS too, much as before Boris Johnston “taking back control” Brexit. Johnston killed off the route for workers, coming short term, from Europe to work here – and many to take up permanent residence – young people we need, Scotland is fast becoming a geriatric home, the demography timebomb.

The best scientist in the world has warned over the years how global warming will be a catastrophe second only to all-out nuclear war. Yet have done little to stop the causes – man’s greed, and exploitation of world resources for bobbles.     

Putin is raining down missiles on innocent Ukraine – whilst we (the world leaders) hold talk in order to make the world a better place for all its citizens – ‘go tell that to the Marines’ the people of Afghanistan, the people of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya……………… bla – bla- bla.

After this preamble by a UK PM, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will stand in the Commons tomorrow and read his autumn statement, it will start with – we are in this mess because of Putin.

Then the bad news, telling us what we already know – inflation through the roof, pond down the toilet, paying inflated mortgages a nightmare – people losing the roof over their heads – family break-ups will be inevitable under such pressure, (as if Christmas was not bad enough), and at the end of it all higher taxes and bigger military spending.

This rhetoric had preceded every war that the UK has been involved in (and that is every war since the dawn of man’s understanding) world depression = more war.

Stop the Rhetoric – Stop the War.

Stay safe.


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