Coal fires and cold winter mornings

The mist clung to the land like a cold white shroud – lights were mandatory now. By Strathkinness a watery winter sun appeared lifting the veil and leaving me under a pale winter’s sky. I dropped down into Pitscottie and the Dura Den, once more into a veil of mist as it stubbornly hung in the trees, the air now still and cold. As I passed through Kemback, the smell of smoke from a newly lit coal fire, the chimney still cold had little draw causing smoke, thick and grey, to curl lazily from the pot and tumble down over the grey slate roof. Coal smoke once a common smell and sight of my youth had been all but forgotten, once more rekindled memories. Back home and a welcome shower and a pot of tea, life is good.

I picked up a set of two DVDs – a six-part BBC series ‘Your Cheating Heart’ set around the Scottish country music scene in an unsentimental portrait of Glaswegian life and culture. The series was created by John Byrne (who also created Tutti Frutti a series set around a Scottish rock and roll band), ‘ Your Cheatin Heart’ is in much the same vain – pure fun and belly laughter, staring John Gordon Sinclair and Tilda Swinton, but I’m not sure that it will travel well outside Scotland. I loved the part where they are up in Aberdeen and the Aberdonian is asking “whit’s she saying” she of course being Glaswegian – and she was asking about the Aberdonian, who was speaking in Doric, “whit’s he saying” classic.

Anyway, to cut a long story short – too late – the theme song that runs all the way through, is of course ‘Your Cheating Heart’ and it has stuck in my head ever since watching it. Today I was cycling along singing at the top of my voice ‘Tears fall down like falling rain……………bloody song.

I have given the trailer building a wee rest, well it is a winter project after all. I was hoping to go for a run out on my motorcycle – maybe as far as Montrose but a low cloud base has set in and does not look like it will lift anytime soon – still the garden needs a bit of tidying so may just spend an hour there, and wait for the sun to come out, it always does.

Keep safe.


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