Just for Fun

I was asked if I could make a reindeer for the garden:

A set of antlers and we’re there.


2 thoughts on “Just for Fun

    1. Yes, turned out better than even I expected – remembering the simple little sketches I started out with. I may have told you my brother is undergoing treatment for cancer – he gave me his car. So making plans for next spring. Since the pension will not stretch to B&B or even YH these days of inflation – I want to go wild camping (and fishing) so I thought of building myself a very small teardrop caravan for the trip.

      I searched on the internet and found some old plans for making a teardrop caravan. American of course, it is old so uses angle iron rather than square hollow section (which is much lighter) and wooden framing covered with ply and aluminium sheet – I would use ‘stitch and glue’ once popular in small boat building (before cheap plastic and fibreglass) and rather than ½ inch ply (being American it is still in old money) but it gives me dimensions to work too and the lad had made all the schoolboy mistakes for me.

      I would want to make up a sandwich of very thin ply with an insulation material in-between, (may take a look at the material they use on concrete floors for underfloor heating) but that may be too heavy. A sandwich would give strength and keep in the heat. I would then cover the outside with epoxy and fibreglass cloth, (the epoxy saturates the very thin cloth making it invisible – more like a good varnish job), and will protect the ply, so I will not require expensive marine ply just something like 5mm ply.

      Since it is only four feet wide – I am not sure if I should add 6 inches – four feet would be perfect for one, but a bit cosy for two, so maybe better to think of two up, if I come to sell it. Also, I was thinking of a hatch door on each side – if you were two up and wished to get up during the night you can leave without climbing over your mate. And on hot nights both hatches could be left open giving a throw draft.

      There is a firm in South Wales that makes kits (and ready-built) teardrop caravans – they are so busy that they can not guarantee delivery. The kit is £2,000.00 (don’t know what they take for the finished article) so there seems to be a big demand for small caravans – however, most start at around £5,000.00 (ready-made) and go up to eye-watering.

      I am hoping for around a figure of £500.00 for material – starting today with full-size drawings (all that time spent playing around with old wooden boats was not wasted after all) you learn a lot getting it wrong, the first time, most of the time, however education is never cheap.

      Most of this stuff now comes from China and India and it is delivered to your door through Amazon. For instance, you can get a complete suspension system – with wheels, mudguards, and everything you need, for under £200,00, add £20 and you have a chassis (I can weld myself).

      Of course, being lightweight it will be fine to sleep in but if you wish to use it to take loads to the recycling centre then this is not the trailer for you.

      If I start today it may be finished by next spring.

      Keep safe, Walter.

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