No Place to Hide for the SNP

Westminster’s SNP leader, Blackford, plays a blinder as recruiting sergeant for the Alba party when he marched his troops out of the Commons.

This week, Kenny MacAskill MP and Depute Leader of the Alba party, stood in a Commons debate and highlighted what was an important issue – Scotland’s vast energy bounty being cabled South with no benefit to Scotland.

This is an issue that independence supporters are aware of, Scotland energy-rich but its people are unable to pay their energy bills, energy poor.

Sadly, as Kenny stood to raise this important issue, the SNP staged a walkout instead of staying to listen and take part in the debate. Shame on you!

100,000s have watched the video already; it is ALBA, not the SNP that Stands for Scotland and the message keeps on spreading.

I believe this will be a turning point ‘the beginning of the end of Sturgeon and her SNP party. This stupidity by the SNP MPs walking out on a debate that needed saying in Westminster has shown their true colours.

Sturgeon has only one interest and one interest only and that is keeping the SNP party in power and Blackford and his cohorts polishing the green benches for a further 5 years.

Maybe the SNP will again win big in the up and coming General Election, but it matters not, that has just become a sideshow – nothing will change – Unionists (most Westminster MPs) will always outnumber Scottish MPs of whatever colour.  

The Scottish parliamentary elections are fast approaching and you can rest assured that Sturgeon will be out on her ear as First Minister the parliament will be ‘under new management for she has shown little interest in independence or the betterment of the people she professes to represent, (in fact the opposite is true Sturgeon has sold Scotland out) and the people of Scotland will not forgive her this time around, for all the mandates and wasted opportunities she has squandered.

Keep safe.  


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