Stop The War – End Expansion of NATO

Stop the War CoalitionEvent Bulletin – 19/10/22 How Do We Get Peace in Ukraine? – Weds 26 Oct
The war in Ukraine has already devastated large parts of the country, killing thousands and forcing millions to flee. Both sides are set on escalation, risking wider war and nuclear confrontation. Only a negotiated solution has a chance of bringing this nightmare to an end.

The anti-war movement has opposed the Russian invasion and the West’s military response from the start. 

Come and join the discussion about how peace can be achieved…
 The People’s Assembly National Demonstration – Sat 5 Nov

There’s widespread anger about ever-increasing budgets for weapons and war while children go hungry and NHS waiting lists continue to grow.

Help us voice that anger on the streets of London on Saturday 5th November at the People’s Assembly National Demonstration!

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