Thinking of Yesterday

I was very lucky with the weather yesterday for come this morning it is raining, not heavy but still….. I did not want to neglect my cycling for it has kept me supple, and still able to climb on board my motorcycle, so off we went into drizzly rain and rising wind, this is not good so out to Strathkinness, down the hill and home, no more than 5-6 miles.

There was a tractor working in the field ploughing the land and a strong scent of newly turned soil assaulted my nostrils. 

The weather is changing fast now and shortening days are upon us, so my travelling days may be curtailed somewhat, but my cycling days will remain all-be-it shorter runs.

I watch the birds chase after the plough,

Turning over land bare and barn now,

No longer school children stoop in the field,

A potato monster now gathers the yield,

We are losing that closeness, we once had with the land,

To simply ignore, is not to understand. 

Stay safe

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