I have just returned from Formby where I was visiting my brother, who has not been well, a long and tiring trip, which had taken time to bounce back from. Whilst there we visited the local hostelry, with a friend of my brothers, this lad really knew his stuff when it came to computers.

He was telling me that he had worked for Honeywell for thirty years, then out of the blue, they sent him an e-mail telling him he did not have a job anymore, how much is worker loyalty worth to an American firm? Anyway, it did not take him long to find the present job that takes him all over the world – a troubleshooter, sorting out problems.

We in a way were doing a bit of troubleshooting ourselves – sorting out the ills of the world, as you do over a few pints when he told me that when he was at university he had a hankering to go to Israel, so he did, I was shocked with what I saw there, he told me.

On one side of the road, an Israeli farmer had a massive tractor pulling a multi-furl plough that revolved at the end of each run so they could come back on the same track.

On the other side of the road, a Palestinian farmer had a donkey and what looked like a tree branch scratching at the soil, it was almost biblical.

I was a good few months into his gap year when I met and started dating an Israeli girl. She was doing her National Service as all men and women have to in Israel. One day when she was showing me around an area of Jerusalem, a shot rang out,

Stay her she ordered and ran off in the direction of the shot. When she returned she showed no outward sign that anything was amiss, but when I asked,

“What was that all about?”

She answered “Nothing, it is all over, I’ve dealt with it”  

“Dealt with what?” I asked

“I told you,” she said, in her don’t ask questions sort of way, “There is no longer a problem”.

At the time I did not know that she carried a loaded pistol with her at all times and that her having ‘dealt’ with the problem had involved shooting a Palestinian, in the street in broad daylight.

She was a beautiful girl, and I might even have ended up married to her, but not after that incident, how could I have married a girl that carried a loaded gun and was prepared to be judge, jury and executioner?

My time in Israel opened my eyes to what is going on over there, with American money and backing, the Palestinians will remain a suppressed people, trapped in poverty and living in an open prison, without parole.  

Stay safe    

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