Scotstarvit Tower

I was out for a wee run today – first Scotstarvit tower and for the first time in two years of popping in there, it was open, this gave me a chance to show the inside.

The tower is well constructed and in remarkable condition and so long as it keeps its roof in good order will last a few hundred years more.

In the first room, you visit you can see clear up to the ceiling of the second floor the wooden floor of the second floor would have been the ceiling of the first-floor room. However, it allows us to see how two of the floors had vaulted ceilings/floors giving the tower its strength. You can also see the thickness of the walls, in the window recesses, where one would sit to read and write of work in the best light.

There would be no kitchen in the tower but each room had its own fireplace – however being a tower (much like a chimney fire in the lower room would percolate up to the top of the building.

To reach the floors above you climb the spiral staircase (I a nice hoos Jimmybit yir never gone’ie get a coffin up young stair)

And at the top, we see what would have been the attic rooms and the fine roof beams and sarking boards.

Not sure they would have had fire extinguishers in those days.

Outside you can still see where a lean too was built against the tower; this may have been the kitchen. When it was occupied of course it would have had many outbuildings for farm

animals and stables for the horses.   

I headed over to Falkland and two tour busses had just dropped off their passengers, now since this was only 9.30 and the Palace would not be open until 11 am they were all milling around taking photographs of everything from churches to street planters.

At this stage, I took off and followed the A92 then onto the B937 for Lindores (this is a beautiful wee road) then doubled back into Cupar, then home.

Keep safe.

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