Sunday Morning – Early

Today the skies were overcast when I set out on a wee run up the coast to Arbroath. One place I still had to visit on the way north was Barry Mill. This is a fully working water-driven mill and in remarkably great shape.

The morning had been overcast and a sea mist hung around the coast, the sun broke through as I crossed the Tay Bridge and the water was indeed silver.

The first, stop would be Broughty Ferry for what they call on the Tour de France a comfort stop.

If you have never visited the castle at Broughty Ferry well you have missed out, I have visited the museum many times and always manage to see something new. The castle was home to Patrick Gray, 6th Lord Gray (died 1612) a nobleman and politician during the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots and James V1 of Scotland. Nigel Tranter’s historical novel Master of Gray is a fascinating insight into the decadence, of the French and Scottish courts at that time.

On to Barry  Mill –

the mill hearkens back to the monastic grange, or estate, which King William the Lion bestowed in 1178 on his newly founded abbey of Arbroath.

In the early 1980s, serious damage to the mill lade resulted in the cessation of commercial operations at Barry. The building deteriorated until in 1988, with the aid of a generous bequest from Miss Isobel L Neish, the National Trust for Scotland bought them to prevent further decay and to conserve them for the nation. There then began a programme of conservation repair, the mill was opened to the public in 1992, and not just the mill but extensive woodlands and orchard. I was there before opening time, so to kill time I walked a half mile or so along the side of the burn, the water was very low and almost dry in places.

When the caretaker arrived and opened up he ran the mill for a short time to show me the mill in action, the water in the lay was so low it could hardly lift the sack from the floor but I did see the stones in operation and the sieve shake and a lot of noisy wheels and cogs revolving.   

An art society exhibits their work in the mill, and I could not resist a picture by H. McDiarmid (impressionist work) Glimpses of Gold at the Mill.

From the mill, I travelled up through Carnoustie, before joining the A92 into Arbroath. I left the bike down at the harbour

Iwalked into town, stopping off at Wetherspoons for a tea break, I was as dry as a bone and managed three mugs of tea. The Nickel and Dime shop was open so I bought a frame for my new art masterpiece.

Then the Abbey a must before heading south once more the day remained overcast but that suited me fine, home by just after 2 O’clock and time to visit the kitchen – “throw it on the table mum” the call that went up when we arrived home from school.

Stay safe

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