There’s a hole in the road and the councils looking into it.

Travelling over to Aldi first thing this morning I came across road works. The gas workers had cut a trench half a meter wide and a meter deep from one side of the road to the other in order to lay a new mains gas pipe. As I passed four men were leaning on the barricade looking into the trench,

There’s a hole in the road and the councils looking into it.

Not wishing to cast dispersions on anyone, I’m sure they were just awaiting the arrival of backfilling material. Now backfilling like everything else has rules, 150mm layers compacted between layers, and no matter how well this is done and the final layer of tar macadam covers the backfill you can bet your bottom dollar that within a given time this trench will become a patchwork of overburden.

Alas old pipes will have to be replaced and new ones installed under our roads, however, the road having a trench newly cut across its width was only resurfaced in early summer, why?

Extensive resurfacing work had been carried out in St Andrews over the last few months still when out on my daily ride it was as ever ‘in an out the dusty bluebells’, trying to avoid drain and manhole covers that were sunken and much of the newly laid tar macadam around them cracked and breaking up.

Now maybe I’m just spit-balling here but if a road surface has been pounded to destruction by road traffic over the years – will the manholes and roadside drains not have suffered in the same manner? Now would it not make sense to check (and if necessary repair) all drains and manholes before laying a new road surface?

When in Germany and Austria the roads and cycle paths all had drains and manhole covers all part of the road concept, but I could not help but notice that all were flush with the road surface (to within a millimetre)  – is it me?  

Stay safe

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