“Shut up or get out.”

Today I am busy moving quarters and making preparations for my mini trip to Inverness, I’m sure I will find something there to write home to mummy about.

I said in an earlier blog I wrote that it is said that Nicola Sturgeon fired the pistol, for the start of the independence campaign – for me, the starting pistol was fired, not by Nicola Sturgeon but by the Speaker in the House of Commons when he so verdantly told the Scottish MP (Neale Hanvey) “Shut up and get out”

An article was written by – Neale Hanvey MP.

When I entered front-line politics in 2012 as an SNP councillor, I was clear that my guiding ambition was to play a lawful part in the restoration of independence to Scotland. Over the past 10 years, that commitment has only strengthened as the need for independence has grown ever more urgent. From oil and gas to wind, tidal, wave and hydro Scotland’s vast energy resources keep the UK powered and Her Majesty’s Treasury pumped full of cash. 

Make no mistake Scotland is the broad shoulders of the UK.

Our reward for that vast contribution of energy, food and drink and water? To be fleeced of those resources, charged for transmitting our energy, denied access to associated revenue and berated, ignored and ridiculed in the “mother” of all parliaments. But it’s the social injustice that results from this distortion of governance that is finally beginning to dawn on many as the cost-of-living crisis deepens and more Scots find they are paying through the nose for energy when Scotland produces far more than we could possibly need.

When I rose to my feet on Wednesday 13th of July, I had no doubt about the words I was going to say. I had no doubt about who I would be speaking to, and I had no doubt about who I was speaking for. As Kenny made to leave the chamber after his rebuke from the speaker, I began to deliver my assessment of the current impasse on Scotland’s constitutional future. 

The moment was chosen for maximum political exposure. The most dishonest and disreputable Prime Minister in UK history was about to begin his swan song and we were determined that Scotland would be heard and our mandate for independence would not be ignored. For my point of order, I addressed Boris Johnson directly “Mr. Speaker, that charlatan has no mandate, no right, and no authority to dismiss the voice of the people of Scotland” I started, going on to say“ Someone who no longer commands the support of his own party, has no right to hold our nation hostage. Not him or his unelected successors. Scotland’s Claim of Right must be respected!”

For those who dismiss what we did, make no mistake our action that day amplified the cause of independence far beyond the Common’s chamber. Our intervention in parliament was no mere stunt, it has been reported across Europe and beyond to Mexico, China and many places in between. As a consequence, the following Wednesday the ALBA party leadership held a very successful press conference with the Foreign Press Association such is the interest in democracy denial for Scotland. Gaining interest and recognition of this is a vital component of building the national support for Scottish independence

The cost-of-living calamity being endured in Scotland is a direct and wholly unnecessary consequence of Westminster rule. It’s not Scotland that should fear independence, be in no doubt it is Her Majesty’s Treasury who fears the double whammy of losing Scotland’s ‘free money revenue and having to pay an independent Scotland a fair rate for our energy surplus, our water, and our exceptional food and drink. 

Scotland’s people need not suffer this iniquity, but we need to corral the justified anger into peaceful and persistent public demonstrations and build an unstoppable drive towards independence.

On Wednesday 13th of June Scotland was given a clear ultimatum from the Speaker; “Shut up or get out”. Scotland won’t shut up, so now’s the time to get out. 

Neale Hanvey MP.

Stay safe.

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