Welcome to Brexit Britain

The British media, including the BBC and Sky News, are trying to paint this as:

“It’s those bad French Frogs again, did not turn up for work”


Wish you were here

The boss of Dover Harbour was on Sky News, telling us that they knew there would be extra paperwork after Brexit and this is why they put in the extra infrastructure and did lots and lots of forward planning to avoid this happening – the trouble is the French did not turn up in sufficient number.  

Oh, So the British want to tell the French how many French passport control staff they need on any given day, yes, that all sounds very British.

Now I have no idea what the problem is, why the French have not been able to supplement the border control staff, on what was always going to be a busy holiday weekend (school holidays starting – for me a time to avoid going off on holiday, but…) Maybe they should have restricted the number of booking to the capacity they had at Dover? This all sounds like a lack of communication to me. Like, are the French asking?

“Who will pay the wages of all these extra staffs?”

It may be that simple, however, it may be something to do with the fact that the Tory party are hell-bent on tearing up international treats, negotiated in good faith over years with the EU, and now find that Northern Ireland’s economy (still technically in the EU) is doing well – thank you very much – whilst mainland UK – well we all go to the shops and buy petrol for our cars, after all, we ‘Got Brexit Done’ this is making us look bad.

Hay wait – a done-gone-minute there Hamilton the high cost of living, runaway inflation and our economy down the toilet, this has nothing to do with Brexit, that is all to do with those Bad Russians. (Sorry slipped my mind)

I don’t believe this lack of border control staff is the last we will hear about the Nothern Ireland protocol. The man from Dover was at pains to tell us how much work they had put in to avert this unfolding disaster, but did he tell his counterparts in France? Were they up to speed with the plan?  And I don’t believe that the war and all the destruction, and suffering, and displaced peoples are down to Russia either – as they say:

“It takes two to tango”

Is it not time for this Tory government to stop the blame game and start proper grown-up and diplomatic relationships and communications, with our neighbours.

Or is it just me?

Stay safe

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