A good time to bury bad news

When the media is looking the other way, they say, this is the best time for governments to push through legislation that would never be supported by the opposition parties. There seems to be a lot of looking the other way when it comes to what NATO is up to.

When President Trump announced that he was considering pulling out of NATO and the President of France called NATO ‘brain dead’ it must have set alarm bells ringing on the Hill. NATO is for all intent and purpose America’s instrument of control over world markets.

In Ian Martin’s book ‘All Necessary Measures? The United Nations and International Intervention in Libya show there was clear mission creep towards working for ‘regime change’ and that NATO’s arguments that its support for the rebels’ attacks on Tripoli, and after the fall, on Sirte and Bani Walid, were necessary to protect civilians are unconvincing. Later we had Declassified UK documents that told what Martin had always suspected that NATO members did have ‘Boots on the Ground’ – we still do not know what they were doing there – what we do know is that bilateral military operations, including deployment to Libya of covert special forces by Western and Gulf states, did take place.

The political establishment in London and Washington continue their propaganda the ideas of ‘Liberal Interventionism’ discredited after the 2003 war on Iraq, and then used to increase military spending into the coffers of a seemingly never-ending NATO expansion.  

It is also worth pointing out that the wars in Libya and Iraq were deeply unpopular here in Britain – but Blair (PM of the then Labour government) went ahead anyway, making a mockery to legitimise NATO expansion under the banners of defence and DEMOCRACY.  Libya is home to Africa’s largest oil reserves and the tenth-largest reserves in the world, yet decades after the war, Libya’s people live in misery. In May 2022 Al Jazeera carried the following headlines online about Libya – “Slavery, rape, torture”: Libya threatened by foreign fighters, “Could Libya return to civil war?”

The cold war divided former wartime allies, the US, Britain, the Soviet Union and China. Now Western US-led powers and Their Soviet counterparts. From Cold War to Hot War, in Korea, in Vietnam and across Indochina, America’s answer was to set up an Asian NATO, but obstacles lay in their path. Australia still was uneasy over linking up with Japan after WW2. Japan’s military was constrained by Article 9 of its constitution, and then we had so many South-East Asian states wishing to gain independence.

In 1997 Zbigniew Brzezinski (US national security advisor) warned against the emergence of a hostile coalition across Eurasia, involving Germany, Russia and China, this could challenge US primacy.

2011 saw the establishment of Obama’s ‘Asian pivot’ that introduced freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea. Following this, Trump declared China a strategic competitor, initiating the Quad which drew India into a new alliance-type network with Australia, Japan and the US.

In 2020 the links across Eurasia gathered momentum. China had consolidated its position as the economic heart of the continent with agreements on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership for East Asia, which included China, South Korea, Japan and ASEAN, and with the EU also about to sign a major investment deal, Brzezinski’s warning of 1997 was once more ringing loud and clear in Washington.

The hawks were ready to strike back. The then US Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo launched the New Cold War in the summer of 2020 followed by Biden’s declaration in September 2021 of AUKUS – NATO formed the union between Australia, the UK, and the US.

NATO has been expanding in Asia since 2012 with its “Partnerships for Peace” programme drawing in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines and Mongolia.  Already parallels were being drawn by the US and West between Russian action in Ukraine and China’s in the South China Sea. At the 2019 NATO summit, Pompeo raised China ‘Threat’ and in 2021 the NATO 2030 document widened its remit to include the Indo-Pacific, promoting a strategy of “Russia first then China”

The US support for Ukraine is not just about Russia, or even the security of Europe, but much about the US global battle for global supremacy over trade. Three months into the Ukraine war and Anthony Blinken, (US Secretary of State) said, “We will remain focused on the most serious long-term challenge to the international order- and that’s posed by the People’s Republic of China”.

The war (instigated by the US) in Ukraine has taken a dying, past its sell-by date NATO and turned it into a global threat to world peace, as country after country sign up to pay into its coffers, allowing it to expand its tentacles of influence – not only over Europe – but the wider world. AUKUS is the core of a regional ‘hybrid warfare’ network, covering diplomacy, intelligence sharing, media narratives, supply chains and on and on. This will bring the region under US direction, (just as it has in Europe) a new level of cooperation in military technologies, quantum computing, and digital technologies.

All will be accompanied by arms sales and coordination on sanctions, AUKUS is designed to secure US dominance over East Asia’s future growth in the support of US competition at the cutting edge of new technologies.

I believe Europe is sleepwalking into a world war scenario by looking too close to home – the Ukrainian War.

Stay safe.    

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