The War in Ukraine

I normally follow Iain Lawson’s blog “Yes for Scotland” but from time to time he has been beating his Russia Bad drum, about the war, and I felt I had to take issue with him over the war in Ukraine.

I have just returned from a four week trip across Europe and I can assure you that you are as wrong as you can be about the war in Ukraine being anything other than America wishing to save NATO and her arms industry. There is no solidarity across Europe for inflaming this situation by shipping in more and more arms, simply pouring petrol on a fire, and continuing America’s proxy war, a proxy war of America’s making, and even now considering sending warships into the Black Sea is a recipe for disaster. A war that was so predictable and so preventable

Yes, it is easy to get all patriotic about one side or the other in any conflict but no matter who is wrong and who is right, war is and always will be a crime against humanity, and anyone supporting war, to my mind, is a war criminal.

We need to stop this one-sided propaganda on our media and replace it with a much needed international diplomatic effort to stop this carnage, get around a table and sort this out not this constant spouting ‘Russia Bad’ that is being pumped out daily by the American and British media (one and the same).

I was born during the Second World War, throughout my life I had witnessed countless wars around the world and all have the same outcome, hundreds of thousands of men women and children killed, cities razed to the ground, economies trashed, and people thrown into poverty, and the growth of refugee camps, many the size of small cities, expanding across the world, there is no upside to war.

Since 1945 the United States has attempted to overthrow 50 governments, many of them democracies. In the process, 30 countries have been attacked and bombed.

In Latin America, Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Granada, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Then we had Suez, Yemen, the Falkland Islands, the war in Croatia, Egypt, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan, spilling over into Pakistan. Now we have a repeat performance in Yemen, and last but by no means least, Ukraine, and behind them all supplying the bullets, mostly for someone else to fire, the United States of America, 68 per cent of all armaments sold across the world comes from America.

Are the lives and dreams of the ordinary people of Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Yemen, or the people of Vietnam or Palestine worth only a few lines on the news?  

Sorry Iain, but anyone that believes that fuelling, this war in Ukraine by pouring more and more deadly weapons into the country, sending warships into the Black Sea to provoke and challenge the Russian fleet, will do anything other than spreading this evil, out with Ukraine that could so easily escalate rapidly across the world, is blinkered.

There is great danger in your thinking, for that may well lead us into a third world war, (possibly nuclear war, and everyone knows where that will lead humanity), if they don’t, they have been dropped on their head as a baby.

Oh, it is very laudable to say “I don’t believe in war”

If you truly believe that then you should be working for peace not writing some blog on who you believe is the victim and who is the bully, War is a Crime against Humanity – full stop.

Think The National Stadium in Santiago, Chile, It has a special place in the struggle for freedom and democracy throughout Latin America today in America they still have secret sites the most notorious being Guantanamo.  

(George W Bush) told the world,

“America will not impose our own style of government on the unwilling our goal instead is to help others to find their own voice attain their own freedom and make their own way” just so long as it goes along with the wants and needs of America.

Richard Nixon when the president said this of Latin America,

“People don’t give a shit about the place”

He was wrong, the grand design of the United States as a modern empire was drawn on the hope of an entire continent, known contemptuously as “The back yard” America saw it as useful or expendable, but the people fought back and reclaimed words like ‘Democracy’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Liberation, ‘Justice’ and in doing so, they defended the most basic human rights of all of us in a war waged against all of us.

History explains why we in the West know a lot about the crimes of others and almost nothing about our own. The missing word is Empire. The existence of an American empire is rarely acknowledged or it is hidden behind jingoism that celebrates war and an arrogance that says no country has the right to go its own way unless that way coincides with the interests of the United States.

Stay safe.

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