I think I may be Pregnant!

Wednesday and my first day out on the bike since my return, and oh, was it a joy. I have no idea where the other days have gone, just so much to catch up with.

First the garden, I had planted three drills of potatoes, could not have been mistaken for anything other, yet when I returned the ground had been flattened. I poked around and the potatoes were still there, but the young shaws were broken off. Thankfully there are enough eyes that they will come back and are now covered with flees.

My rhubarb root is nowhere to be seen and the wallflower have be dug up and lying in trays, looking very sad and near dead.

Are you going to Scarborough Fair – Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme? The herb garden was planted up before I went away (they would not have survived on my windowsills) and, covered with flees, they have been a big success most of the young plants have taken.

I prepared the ground in the little wooded area and planted up the woodland seeds, they are a mixed bag and as ever we travel hopefully that they come to something.

This afternoon I will try to save some of the wallflowers, this would have been their second summer and just coming into flower, for the first time, what a show they will make.

The daffodils have put on a fine display over the springtime, and now at the stage of deadheading, a gardener’s work is never-ending, and in there lies the pleasure.

I have had an almighty craving for food since my return, not food-food by mince and tatties, stovies, and I have been baking Soda Scones again.

(When I lived on board my boat or on long trips, I would bake soda bread, and I still like to bake it from time to time, but mostly it is in the form of scones that I cook in the frying pan.)

Lately, the house has been reeking of cauliflower, my favourite vegetable, covered in lashings of homemade cheese sauce; the craving is such that I’m sure I must be pregnant.

I have had little time to weary or plan future trips, but as the summer begs me outdoors, I’m sure there will be a trip waiting just around the corner.

Yesterday was History, tomorrow will be the Future, today is a gift – and why we call it The Present.

Stay safe. 

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