Tales Long and Short

Rise and shine, the weather’s fine, the sun will burn your bleeding eyes out. I slept well and after a shower went out to stretch my legs, clear blue skies horizon to horizon. However, everything was eerily quiet, no traffic, no shops open, even as the clock neared 9 O’clock, of course, Easter weekend and bank holiday Monday, puts pay to Lidl being open. I did find a baker and bought a French stick, but no milk, drat and double drat no tea.   

I returned with my bunk with my bread, then set off to find the bold Peter Snowden, about 5k as the crow flies, but after a couple of wrong turns, I made it to his door. After establishing who I was Peter himself came down and suggest we go to the little café, just yards away, and have a coffee. We must have blethered for at least four hours and on one cup of coffee.

Fancy after all these years, he told me. Well, I did not come to see you only to see if you ever did finish that boat. Yes, it is finished, apart from a couple of little jobs, (then again there is always a couple of little jobs on any boat) but it is in the water,  and we have sailed in it, but only on the lake and only a few times, I have not seen it in over a year, and a lot longer before that.

I would love to see it, would that be possible? He did not commit, only to saying he would talk to his wife, (not sure he drives now). I was thinking of selling the boat, realistically, I can not see us sailing much now.

You will not get back half the money you put into it, I suggested, and he readily agreed.

Well, you could have a potential customer sitting right here I said. We left it at that.

We talked about his time in the Merchant Navy and the fishing, but mostly going over old ground, reminiscing. It was a great way to spend an afternoon, more so since I had never had a conversation with an English speaker for such a long time.

I asked about the May Day celebrations – they have not had one for the past two years, whether they do this year, I don’t know he told me, anyway it is not like in the past when they had huge marches to the park, lots of food and drink, and fireworks in the evening. The 4th May was big to it was Communist Day, big and colourful.  

I said, I’m surprised they did not turf us out of here, since we had only ordered one coffee apiece, no this is Austria this is what they do. We swapped e-mail addresses and phone number; I hope we can arrange something about the boat.

The photographs are a bit random, the coloured sets were in Passau, and kids like kids everywhere would try to step on one colour and one colour only.

What replaced the horse and cart for deliveries in Wien, well these.

Uniformity is the destruction of art – so make it into art.

All it takes is a couple of cans of spray paint, oh, and a big dollop of talent.

Recycling is big all over Germany and Austria, you will find these in all the hostels and they are used.

Not sure what this building was but it had too many steps for me to find out.

A church is just around the corner from here, note how I used the tree to hide the scaffolding.

Something you also see a lot of, tools to repair your bike.

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