All Inn

The day was shaping up to be another toaster so I wanted to be out of the city, and away from the traffic. I fund a circular tour along one side of the river Inn and back on the other bank. Mostly it is through woodlands and on well defined and cared for cycle paths.

There is a big dam halfway along possible part of a flood defence scheme, turning the upper reaches into a lake.

Then across the bridge and home by the other bank, only 8k each way, but in such great weather and traffic-free, it was heaven on a bike.

Someone had left a pair of boots here, but they were not my size

I saw the work of beavers but I think you would have to be a very optimistic beaver if you tied to build a lodge dam here.

Looking towards the monastery on the hill

The monastery on the hill, I never even thought to go there, although a young girl, carrying a massif backpack came over the bridge and straightway onto the stairs up to the monastery, rather her than me,

The monastery on the hill

And something totally different, I saw this wrote ironwork, it was so delicately fashioned, not the normal heavy chunky wrote ironwork we normally see

Just one of the University buildings
Sharing in the evening sun


Keep safe

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